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The official rules of Table Tennis state that the ball shall be:

* spherical, with a diameter of 40mm and

* weigh 2.7g and

* be made of celluloid or similar plastics material and

* be white or orange, and matt

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Q: What material table tennis balls made with suitable properties and characteristic?
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Is a tennis ball an example of a chemical properties?

NO it is not.

What are the required properties of a tennis ball?

The required properties of a tennis ball for use at the professional level are too complex to list on this website. Click on the International Tennis Federation - - the guiding body for all professional tennis - - link, below, for information.

What are four physical properties of a tennis ball?


Is the inside of a tennis racket textile material?

yes there is use of textile material for the manufacturing of tennis racket. the wires inside the racket made of nylon,which is a textile material.

Is a hamster a suitable substitute for a tennis ball?

yes fo shizzle

What do table tennis officials wear?

dark suitable clothing hahaha

Why is the material for the tennis ball chosen?

are you asking what or why?

What are physical properties of tennis ball?

the properties are strings and the motion of the ball

What is the material covered on a tennis ball?

Tennis ball is covered by a fibrous fluffy felt.

How tennis clothing is suitable for tennis?

tennis clothing is light and easy to move in. most of the time its very hot so you need something you can keep ventilated in. RIGHT

What is a tennis net made out of?

A lot of tennis nets are made of a material called twisted polyethylene.

What material do dogs play with most?

A tennis ball

What unit of measure would you use for tennis?

There are no units of measure suitable for measuring a sport. A tennis court, net, ball, racquet, player can all be measured, but not tennis itself!

Can air travel through a tennis ball?

Yes, of course. The material a tennis ball is made out of is porrus. That is why tennis balls go flat.

What kind of hobbies is suitable for lawyers?

Well anything really, but Golf and Tennis are popular.

How does a tennis ball's material affect its bounce?

by the kind of rubber

what is the most suitable tennis apparel for playing in hot conditions?

The most suitable tennis apparel would be shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. A woman may also choose to wear a skirt with shorts underneath it for modesty.

What material is the tennis ball made of?

A tennis ball is made of cotton backing, a combination of wool and nylon, and rubber.

Properties that make titanium useful for tennis rackets and wheelchairs?

Lightness and durability

What is the best material for a tennis racquet?

For most of the best racquets used by professionals preferred material is graphite.

Can you wash your tennis shoes with dawn dish soap?

depending on what shoe and material

What material is used to cover the face of the table tennis racket?

Carbon Fibre

What are facts about Chinese sports?

* Table Tennis * Material sport e.g. konfu, Judu

What type of material is used in table tennis table?

For general use the tabletop board may be of any continuous material. Tables are available with tops of plywood, particle-board, plastics, metals, concrete or fibre-glass. Since the finish governs the frictional properties more than the substrate does, a broad spectrum of materials can be used so long as the bounce is suitable. However, for major tournaments, only wood or wooden derivates may be used for the playing board, and the ITTF approves only wood or its derivates.

What service is a tennis game played on?

Tennis games can be played on a variety of surfaces. The most common type is a hardcourt surface made out of material like asphalt or concrete. Other material surfaces include grass, clay, even carpet.