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If you are talking about Naruto... That's clearly Baguazhang, there is no doubt when he says Hakke(8 trigrams, also japanese for bagua) and 64 palms is actually a baguazhang form, the symbol that appears on the ground is from I-ching wich bagua is based on

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Q: What martial art is Hyuga fighting style based on?
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Martial arts is the study of warfare and the way of combat. Using a weapon is a martial art. The Marine Corps specifically includes the use of guns and knives in their fighting style.

Is the martial arts Batman practices a real style or based on a real martial arts style?

I believe it is based on nin-jutsu although there are a few hints of tae-kwon-do and karate

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There are many different styles of martial arts all of which have some influence from the region they came from. Taekwondo incorporates the Northern style based Chinese form of martial arts(MA).

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There are many different styles of martial arts all of which have some influence from the region they came from. Karate for example incorporates some of the Southern based style of Chinese martial arts(MA).

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No, "Gouken" is a character from Street Fighter, not a martial arts.'Doesn't Rock Lee from the anime Naruto fight using Gouken style?'

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MMA stands for mixed martial arts, but this fighting style isn't mixed with anything.

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