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Signor Patrick Milnes, 27 teams over 27 years

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Q: What manager has most clubs relegated with in English football?
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Which teams were relegated last season from the English premiership?

The clubs that were relegated are Blackpool, West Ham United.

What football clubs have been relegated?

In the E.P.L it is NewCastle United, West Brom, Middllesbrough.

Which football clubs have never been relegated?

None, but Everton have lasted the longest among the clubs currently in the EPL. Everton were relegated in the late 1920's and again in the early 50's. Arsenal are actually the longest running club in the EPL, having been voted into the top division in 1919 and never having been relegated since.

Who was Portsmouth football club first manager?

Portsmouth football clubs first manager was Frank Brettlell from the seasons of August 1898-May 1901

Where can one find a list of football clubs in England?

One can find a list of football clubs in England by using the website Wkipedia. The website presents a list of football clubs that play in the top ten levels of the English football league. Most of the clubs are directly in England, however some are located outside of England and operate in the English football league.

Is there a football club that sells footballs?

yes french clubs and English clubs example :psg (french) and arsenal(English)

Who has been relegated in 2011?

The three clubs that were relegated were West Ham, Blackpool, and Birmingham City.

What English football clubs are associated with birds?


Which English football clubs has the largest football ground?

Portishead united football club 12000 km2

Who is the manager of the Middlesbrough FC?

Tony Mowbray is the manager of the Middlesbrough Football Club. Mr. Mowbray is a former professional football player who played for Middlesbrough as well as other clubs.

Who is Liverpool football clubs manager?

It's Kenny Dalglish now as of Feb 2011

What is the name of the Manchester united football clubs manager?

sir alex Ferguson since1987

What English league manager has managed 10 English league clubs?

Sven goren eriksson

Can you name the current Premier League player who has represented three top flight clubs been relegated with his first and third clubs and won a Premier League winners medal with the second?

Alan smith - leeds relegated , united - league , - Newcastle - relegated

Did the French invent football?

the English invented football writing the rules for it in 1863.... if you notice on alot of the European clubs badges (Barcelona, ac milan) they have the English flag on their badge, this is because English people started up these clubs. Nope, it is likely that the English developed the modern game. No,English invented football

How do you get unlimited money in football manager 2008?

sell your unused player.arrange friendly with Europe clubs

Where have there been instances where football clubs have helped out other football clubs in any way?

i English football. or real football, my team Birmingham city borrowed our hated neighbours the money to buy their first set of floodlights

What African football players play in English football clubs?

well there is gyan and essien and probably more

Which English football clubs have the largest fan base?

Manchester united

Where can someone find information on English Premier League Table?

The Premier League is an English professional league for men's football clubs. There are 20 clubs contesting in this league. There is a Barclays Premier Football League Table on the website called "PremierLeague".

Which English city hosts the largest number of professional football teams?

London holds the most football clubs.

Which English city has football league clubs called rovers and city?


What are the names of all the English league football teams?

The English football clubs taking part in the champion league are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpooland Manchester United.

How long does it take for clubs relegated from the premiership to get back there?

one season

What competition format does the English Premier League use?

English Premier League is an association for football clubs. These football clubs run under the system of promotion and relegation. Promotion and relegation means that a team can be transferred to another division base on there yearly performance.