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Hall of Fame 3B Ed Mathews.

1952 - Boston Braves
1953-1965 - Milwaukee Braves
1966 - Atlanta Braves

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Q: What man played for the Boston Braves the Milwaukee Braves and the Atlanta Braves?
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What leagues have the Atlanta Braves played in?

The Braves Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta have only played in the National League.

The Braves have played in how many places?

The Braves first played in Boston, then moved to Milwaukee and now play in Atlanta.

In which three cities that the major league baseball team named the Atlanta Braves has played in?

Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta

What year did the Braves come to Milwaukee?

The Boston Braves moved to Milwaukee before the 1953 season. They played in Wisconsin until 1966, when they moved to Atlanta.

What were the two cities the Atlanta Braves had their home?

The Braves were in Boston until 1953, when they moved to Milwaukee until 1966, and they've played in Atlanta since then.

What are the three cities that the major league team called the braves has played in?

Milwaukee, Boston, Atlanta

Who played for the same team in three different cities?

Eddie Mathews played for the Braves in Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta.

Which team Hank Aaron played for?

Milwaukee Braves, Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers

What was Hank Aaron's batting average for Atlanta Braves vs Milwaukee braves?

Hank Aaron never played against the Milwaukee Braves. He played for the Milwaukee Braves before the team moved to Atlanta. He finished his career as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers

What baseball team has played for three different cities?

Atlanta Braves have played in three cities. The cities are Boston (Boston Braves), Milwaukee (Milwaukee Braves), and Atlanta (Atlanta Braves) where they are currently playing today. ----- The Baltimore Orioles played as the Milwaukee Brewers in 1901, the St. Louis Browns in 1902-1953, and in Baltimore 1954-present. The Oakland Athletics played as the Philadelphia Athletics 1901-1954, the Kansas City Athletics 1955-1967, and in Oakland 1968-present.

Which baseball team shared the City of Boston with the Red Sox?

The Red Sox and Boston Braves both played in the city of Boston between 1901-1952. The Braves moved to Milwaukee in 1953 and then to Atlanta in 1966.

What baseball team did Bob Uecker play on?

played with the milwaukee braves and atlanta braves

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