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The Bowling balls that hook the best are balls that have a reactive resin cover stock. Some balls that have a reactive cover stock are the storm virtual energy, virtual gravity. Another highly reactive ball is the mutant cell, another is the newly released invasion. Also people can make more hook on a ball by increasing their revolution rate. for Columbia 300 cool noise,sharpnoise,freeze,full swing,total bedlem,ebonite any of the magic series or the mission or evolve

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I like Brunswick

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You have to spin the ball when you throw.

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Q: What makes up the hook in bowling?
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What are 4 basic shots in bowling?

back up ball, hook ball, curve ball,

How do you purchace desoxyn no presciption?

talk to crazy Mike down at the bowling alley - he'll hook you up

How do you hook up with hchicks?

It is not difficult to hook up with hot chicks. They are everywhere you look, at school, at work, in supermarkets and the bowling alley. There a millions on beautiful women in the world, be confident and speak to them, and see where it goes.

How do you make a bowling ball hook?

Making a bowling ball hook is really all in the wrist and in the hand. The way you release the ball with effect how the ball ends up hooking. I found that it was easiest to just experiment with different releases reather then just taking advice. But if you have someone willing to teach then go for it =)

What does full roller mean in bowling?

when someone releases the ball, on purpose, with no rotation or "hook". In reactive balls(made to hook) the coverstock and core "hook" the ball

What is the Brunswick laser bowling ball good for?

No. This is a plastic ball and is not designed to hook.

What bowling ball company manufactures werewolf bowling balls?

Ebonite makes those bowling balls.

Does a Mammoth bowling ball hook good?

The hook of a ball depends on top weight, side weight, and finger weight and type of grip.

In bowling what is a shank?

A shark is the sandbagger looking to hook a lower level of bowler for money.

One of the types of shots in bowling?

The first 4 strikes in a row have been given the name 'hambone' (unofficially of course!)

Bowling ball with a wide sweeping arc is called?

That's called a hook. Developing a good one is essential to getting the best scores, and the most fun from bowling.

Will someone answer the question what makes you a player cheater ect?

When your with one person and you hook up with another..