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Ebonite makes those Bowling balls.

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Q: What bowling ball company manufactures werewolf bowling balls?
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What bowling balls does Norm Duke use?

Storm: The Bowles' Company

Where can you buy bowling balls in Winnipeg?

used bowling balls

What is the duration of Bowling Balls?

The duration of Bowling Balls is 1320.0 seconds.

Where can you find a company who manufactures machines that can make food into balls such as peanut butter balls?

There isn't a machine. You just have to roll them by hand.

When was Bowling Balls created?

Bowling Balls was created on 2004-08-31.

Aside from bowling balls what other products does Storm sell?

Aside from bowling balls, Storm sells other items related to bowling. Storm sells bowling shoes, bowling bags, bowling apparel and products designed to polish and clean bowling balls.

What is the history on Candlepin bowling balls?

Candlepin bowling balls are no different from regular bowling balls and don't have any real history behind them. Candlepin bowling, however, was first developed in 1880.

Where do they make bowling balls?

At a bowling ball factory.

Where do you buy WWE bowling balls?

Bowling balls are purchased at your local bowling proshop (majority are located inside a center) or online.

How do you catch bowling balls spongebob drawn to life?

Grab a jellyfish net and hit the bowling balls

What bowling balls does pro chris barns use?

He now uses Columbia 300 bowling balls

Where can one purchase a black bowling ball?

One can purchase a black bowling ball from many sports retailers which carry bowling balls. Dick's Sporting Goods carries bowling balls and will have black balls or would be able to order them in.

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