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The net

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Q: What makes the noise when a basketball and a net connect together?
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Why does thunder make noise when it rain?

Thunder is caused by lightning that splits the air. When the air comes back together it makes a noise.

What insect makes a clicking noise?

A cricket. It rubs its front feet together, producing a sound.

How do grass hoppers make singing noises?

i think they rub there legs together. like they had little hairs and when they rub together it makes a loud noise.

What noise does a scrunched up paper make?

it makes a hollow noise when you pull on it but when it is a normal piece of paper it makes a crinkly noise

How do you spell the name of the insect that makes a lot of noise in the summer by rubbing its wings together?

Cicada is the name of the insect you are looking for.

Is the rim noise in basketball games fake?


What kind of noise makes a snake noise?

A snake makes a 's' sound .

What insect makes a chirping noise?

A Cricket Or a Cicada makes a chirping noise.

How do you get your car to start even though the battery is not dead and it makes no noise?

this could possibly be a starter problem if batt is good but your getting nothing then check your starter this would be the case connect it

What noise a crow makes?

The noise a crow makes sounds like Caw Caw Caaaaaw.

Which insect makes the loudest noise?

The Cicada makes the loudest noise, which can achieve up to 120dBs of sound.

Your BMW does not start it just makes a click noise?

my BMW does not start it just makes a click noise

How does a plant reduces noise pollution?

when it winds, the plants, leaves etc sways.. For short the leaves makes noise which makes the trees and plants noise.

Can noise makers be used during a basketball game?

Not in the NCAA

What sound does a cockroach make?

It makes a chirping noise, but it is actually the hind legs rubbing together like a fiddler moving a bow across the strings.

What noise does the parrot make?

a parrot makes a screech noise

What noise does bear make?

it makes a loud scary noise

What part of the hummingbirds body makes the humming noise?

the wings because it flaps so fast it makes a humming noise

What does squealing mean?

It means to make a noise that a Guinea pig makes. Or even more, the noise that a pig pig makes.

What does squealed mean?

It means to make a noise that a Guinea pig makes. Or even more, the noise that a pig pig makes.

How did the dogwood tree get its name?

One suggestion as to how the dogwood gets it's name is the distinct barking noise it makes when limbs rub together in a gentle breeze.

How does a raindrop makes noise?

it falls

What makes a rattle noise only when your driving and when you press the gas?

This be a wide range of things does it make the noise when the vehicle is in park and you rev up the engine ? It could be a heat shield on the exhaust system. it does not make the noise if it is just idling....but if you press the gas it makes a noise and when ur driving it makes noise. But I had to put a flang where the header conects to the exaust cuz it was leaking and i thought that was where the noise was comin from but its still makin the noise.

What makes great noise that starts with the letter c?

Cymbals make loud noise.

What is the noise that a donkey makes called?

donkeys noise is called bray..