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The Super Bowl is an annual event because it occurs once a year, at the end of each NFL season.

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Q: What makes the Super Bowl an annual event?
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Is the Super Bowl an annual event?

Yes. The NFL, for the time being until they see fit otherwise, schedules the Super Bowl for the first Sunday in February.

What is the Super Bowl annual?


Which event has the most viewers - the Super Bowl or the NCAA Tournament?

The Super Bowl.

How many years have the super bowl been in existence?

February 2016 is the 50th annual Super Bowl.

How do you spell Super Bowl?

Super Bowl is actually not one word. The term for the annual game to decide the championship of the NFL is spelled as 2 words: Super Bowl.

Do you capitalize Annual in the First Annual Super Bowl?

You would if that were its official name. What we now know as Super Bowl I was called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game and was renamed retroactively after the leagues merged.

Does Super bowl occur every two years?

No, it is annual.

What is more watched super bowl or world series?

Super bowl, besides FIFA it is the most watched sporting event

If a team dies on its way to the Super Bowl who wins the Super Bowl?

The team that makes it to the game.

Is the Super Bowl the most watched single sporting event in the world?

No, the Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in the United States. The most watch sporting event in the world would be the World Cup (soccer).

Is sleep in for autism day real?

Yes; Sleep-In For Autism is an annual event on the Monday after the Super Bowl, where participants donate to their local autism charities and Sleep-In For Autism on Superbowl Monday.

What is the most televised event in the US?

The Super Bowl

What is the most watched sporting event the super bowl or world cup?

super plate

Why does the Super Bowl get tremendous media attention every year?

The Super Bowl is a very popular event. There is a lot of money to be made on advertising and the event itself, so the media gives it a lot of attention.

What sporting event is the most watched in the US?

the most watched sporting event would be the Super Bowl. But also the Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event in the world with it being broadcasted to over 60 different countries around the world.

What is the most watched sport event on tv?

The Super Bowl

What is the most watched event in the US?

the Super Bowl (football)

Most watched sporting event list?

The Super Bowl

Is Super Bowl the most watched sporting event?


Which is the biggest sport in the US?

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest annual sportingevent held in the United States.If you are talking annual fan attendance it is NASCAR by a wide margin.

Why did football play in the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional football in the U.S. The season begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year, and ends with the Super Bowl.

Can a Super Bowl be played in a team's own stadium?

Yes. Super Bowl venues are selected four years in advance. As of Super Bowl XLII it has never happened, however, if a team makes the Super Bowl in the year their stadium is scheduled to hold the Super Bowl the game would go on as planned.

What is the most watched major sport event in America?

The Super Bowl which is the annual Championship for the NFL and is played between the winners of the AFC and NFC. Viewership crossed the 100 million mark in 2010 and continues to rise.

What is the largest attended stadium sport event in the US?

The Super Bowl

What is the most-watched sporting event in the us?

i think its the super bowl