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Ballet has an older history and is more classical. normally you dont have tacky music with words with ballet.

It also deals more with elegance and gracefulness. Requires flexibility and strength. And you need to stand on your toes.

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Q: What makes ballet different from other dance styles?
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If ballet is a dance and dance is a sport does that mean ballet is a sport?

Although people may think of ballet as a sport, surprisingly and technically dance is a performing art, not a sport. However, dance as well as specifically ballet requires energy, you also have to make it look easy and flawless, which makes it harder than all sports. This is because dance and ballet is not done to win but to become stronger and entertain. Those who compete might be able to say it's a sport, however this isn't the primary idea of ballet. Ballet is generally known as an art form because of it's beauty and style, this is the same with many other styles of dance.

What is tap dance made of?

tap dance is made up of ballet. every dance whether its hip hop or jazz your have 2 have a ballet training.

Why billy eillot like to dance ballet?

Billy Elliot likes to dance ballet, because it makes him feel special. He has a passion for dancing, you can tell from the son "Electricity". Something sparks inside of him and he feels free.

What are the significance of ballet?

There are lots of significances of ballet, it's fun, makes you feel graceful, it's also like acting, but instead of words, you get to tell a story through dance.

What makes bollywood music different from other styles?

Bollywood music is different from other styles. It has a hint of Indian classical. It does not use much rock and metal.

What styles of hat do Lacoste make?

The hat company Lacoste makes many different styles and types of hats. Lacoste makes many different types of hats particularly baseball and sports caps of various teams.

Why is ballet important?

It gives a dancer good posture. It improves all other dancing and makes the dancer more disciplined. It is the base of all dance.

What makes jazz music different to other styles of music?

Jazz has a high level of improvisation not found in other styles of music.

Why do you like ballet dance?

I have been dancing ballet since the age of 3. I absolutely love it. In ballet everything is about technique. Where you place your arms, when you turn your head, how high your leg is lifted, and then put it all together in unison. Ballet makes you graceful and flexible. It helps with hand-eye coordination and believe it or not helps tremendously in school. If you are looking into participating in ballet go for it!

What makes ballet a very artistic performance?

It's because of the people that dance to it and make it fun and make people tempted to do it.

Can a fat person dance ballet?

Yes. What size a person is doesn't matter . You can dance if you put your heart into it and learn the steps. Practice makes perfect. Ballet is strenuous exercise and may be good for weight loss. Take it slow. Avoid the jumps and spins until you are comfortable with your body's response to the simpler steps. Dance is therapeutic for the body, mind and spirit. Enjoy!

What is neo classical ballet?

Neoclassical ballet is a type of ballet formed by George Balanchine and is "American ballet" (like Vagonava is Russian Ballet).This type of ballet makes everything bigger and grander so instead of small controlled jumps, for example, in Balachine/neoclassical ballet, there would be huge jumps. Another example is when you finish a pirouette in fourth position, some styles have you end in a small fourth, but in neoclassical ballet, you land in a wide fourth with arms lengthened and "reaching."Source: (under neoclassical ballet)AND

How does dance technique make your performance better?

All modern dance comes from ballet which is very technical, so at competition, if you don't have technique then you won't impress the judges as much. Also makes you look more professional. Hope this helps :)

What makes Italian and Northern Renaissance the same?

They are not the same. Italian Renaissance and Northern Renaissance painting styles break with preceding styles but in different ways.

What does question and answer mean in dance?

When someone makes a movement and them someone responds with a different movement after

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Gospel is different because it is solely about good news. What makes Gospel is the message. Gospel is not always happy. Sometimes it is sad, but with understanding that it will be better.

How do the different surfaces of tennis affect the player's game?

Different styles of courts affect a tennis player's game. A harder court makes for a faster game, while a grass court makes for a slower game.

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Nike makes alot of different kinds of styles. Like in shoes, if you visit their website, you could customize your own pair of sneakers; such as it's colors and design.

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Why do ballet dancer dance across the stage in a diagonal?

Well, I dance and we do it because it looks nicer for one. It also helps with the footing. If you go sideways you have to do the moves sideways and that just makes it more complicated. Dancers don't go front either because then the audience can't see how they dance. If you are on a diagonal you can see the side of their feet and how it works.

What makes a dance a dance?

A dance is a matter of opinion. Dance being art and art being in the of the beholder.

Why people do dance?

i have been dancing for 22 years i am 24 now. i started when i was 2. i do all kinds of dance, tap, jazz, ballet, point, hip-hop, contemporary, pole, Irish, break dance. i mean everything. if i am going to answer this question i would say i dance because it brings joy to my life and its a fun activity, and it makes you really flexible which comes in handy if u no what i mean :)

How are dance shoes different from regular shoes?

There are many types of dance shoes, designed for a specific sort of dance. Tap shoes have metal plates on the bottom in order to make the signature tapping sound that tap dancing makes. Ballet shoes are made of flexible material so as to not restrict movement as ballet requires much flexibility in the feet. Ballet shoes are designed to eventually mold to the individual dancer's feet. Certain shoes designed for Latin dancing have heels on them to force the dancer to carry more weight on their hips. Jazz shoes are very simple, no laces or buttons, just soft, flexible material to accommodate the variation that comes with jazz dancing. The bottoms of the shoes are stronger to protect the bottom of the feet in a way the soft material couldn't.

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