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the air inside you

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Q: What makes a person come out of water within no time after he makes a dive from a high diving board into a swimming pool?
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What potential energy does the diving board have?

a diving board is commonly used in swimming pools.what kind of potential energy does a diving board had.

What is the height of a low diving board at a swimming pool?

3 meters

What is the name of the high platform that you jump from into a swimming pool?

Diving board

What sport contains jumping off a high board?

A high board is a diving board used in the sport of swimming.

Where do I buy a replacement diving board?

at your local swimming pool or a place where they have swimmeats

What can be the finishes to the swimming pool diving board?

restate your question it does not make sense.

What do you call those things in air you jump off in swimming?

diving board

Name something a person might buy to go with there swimming pool'?

ladder, furniture, bathing suit, air mattress, diving board

Is there a length requirement on a swimming pool for a diving board?

no but there's probably a depth requirement

Are diving board legal?

Um, I think so. Why else would we have them at swimming pools? -Jennie170195

What insurance company will insure a swimming pool with a diving board?

There are many insurance companies that will do this for you. Get the phone book out and start making calls. You should have no problem if the only "problem" is the diving board.

Is a diving board a lever?

Yes it is. A diving board is a Class 1 lever. The fulcrum is the screws that hold the diving board in place (the rigid part), the load is the person and the effort force is the force the person exerts when he/she braces herself/himself to jump.

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