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I Think a sport is a activity that has at least two teams, that play for a certain object, and have specific game rules/guide lines. Examples of objects: The Baseball, Puck, Football, Soccer ball, Tennis ball, Rugby ball.

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Q: What makes a hobby a sport?
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Is riding horses a hobby or a sport?

hobby An olympic sport called Equestrian.

Is humping a hobby or a sport?


Is tennis a sport or hobby?

Tennis isn't a sport, it is more of a hobby.

How can a hobby be a sport?

Yep my sport (life) is also my hobby because I do it a lot and I enjoy it.

Is airsofting classed as a sport?

It is a hobby and a sport.

Is golf a sport or hobby?

hobby Alan is a loser

Is hunting a hobby or a sport?

I think officially it is a sport

Is wrestling a sport or a hobby?

Wrestling is considered a sport.

Is a hobby a sport?

yes it is a hobby because you like doing

Is dancing a sport or a hobby?

Dancing is actually a sport and a hobby. Dancing hobby: For example, Ballerinas. They dance and its like a hobbie. :p ( Hope that help)

Is dodgeball a game hobby or sport?

dodge ball is a sport

is horseback riding a hobby?

No, it is a sport.

Is knitting a sport?

No. It is a craft or a hobby.

Is waterpolo a sport or a hobby?


What other sport does Cristiano Ronaldo play as a hobby?

he plays baseball for a hobby

Is bowling a real sport or a recreational hobby?

Definitely a real sport.

Is chess a hobby or a sport?

Neither, really. It's a game.Chess is a bit of both. It is mainly a hobby but it is often played at a competitive level where it then becomes a sport, mind sport.

Is instrument playing a sport?

No, its more of a hobby.

What is Marvin from jls hobby?

marvins hobby is singing dancing and playing lots of sport

What was John F. Kennedys hobby or sport?

jfks favorite sport was soccer

What is speluniking?

Spelunking is the sport / hobby of CAVE EXPLORING.

Unscramble sport or hobby blade gold?


You play sport cause it is your hobby?

that is an abomination. nobody ever plays sports because it's a hobby. sports are not a hobby. get out of here.

What is a famous sport or hobby in Honduras?

Football (soccer) is the most played sport in Honduras.

Is dodgeball a hobby game or sport?

If you think about, it's a hobby becuz isaac newton and Larry King said so. clearly you havnt played. its a sport