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A good football player needs to have fitness,skills and good teamwork

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Q: What makes a good football player?
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What movie has a football player shooting another football player?

You may be thinking of Gridiron Gang, where a prison makes a football team, where there are many gang members. That is a good movie!

Who makes more a football player or a doctor?

a football player

Is samir nasri a good football player?

yes he is a very good football player

Who makes more money a rockstar or a football player?

It depends a football player makes there money every year it depends how much they earn per year

Why does a football have so much power?

it makes months of dedication and hard work to be a good player, work hard and never quit

Who makes more money a basketball player or a lawyer?

an football player

How much does a football player makes?


What football player makes the most?

these nu===

What makes football great and what makes someone want to be a football player?

Football can make you rich, famous and popular the world over in a few short years.

How much does a average football player make in a year?

an average football player makes up to 100,000,000 dollars a year.

Is jess a good football player?

Yes. Jessica Moore is a excellent football player.

How much do sponsors pay to football players?

if you are a really good football player you nearly get 25 million pounds but if you are not a good football player you only get 6 or 5p.

Can you become a pro football player without going to college?

if im really good at football can i become a pro football player

What makes a good college football team?

good recruiting

Who makes more money a basketball player or a baseball player or football?

its a baseball player bcuz theres no slarie cap in baseball and theres one in football so it cant be a football player and no ones cares about basketball so baseball

Who makes the call for a good field goal in football?


Who makes more money a football player or a chef?

a chef

What football player makes most money?

titus bramble

Is Burton the English football player any good for the team?

He does have the potential to be a good player, but isn't that good at the moment.

What good can football software do for a highschool football player?

Software will not do much to help a highschool football player. Practice will be what is most important for a highschool football player. Good football software can help with memorizing plays, tracking calories, and tracking exercise routines. It can help you to keep on target, but nothing will replace practicing.

What level of education you need for football?

you need to be good to become a football player

How is captain named in football?

if the football player is good it means he has a chance to be captain.

Can a football player get to many fouls?

yes it depends of how good of a player he is

How do you become messi?

be a good football player

What should you eat to become a good football player?

soup is good for a football player and fruit and alot of vegetable's drink lots of water and not to much junk food or calories