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his Baseball experience

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Q: What makes Jackie Robinson influential and relevant today?
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What makes Jackie Robinson significant?

The baseball player Jackie Robinson and the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, who brought him to the major leagues were significant as it was a step towards racial equality in the USA.

How many triples did Jackie Robinson makes?

A.J. is cool, says A.J. silvernail

What makes Jackie Robinson an icon for others or famous?

he was the first African American baseball player

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Nate Robinson makes $2,020,178 as a salary.

Why is Babe Ruth still relevant today?

Because he is a part of history. Just like we learn in school about Columbus and Henry VIII and World War I because they are part of history, Babe Ruth is relevant because he is a large part of baseball history due to the records he set, the image he portrayed, and the era that he played. He will be relevant as long as baseball exists as will Jackie Robinson, Lou Gehrig, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Cy Young, and countless others because of the same reasons. Even Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds will be relevant 75 years from now because of what they did. It may not be the type of relevance that makes baseball look good but they will still be talked about.

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Obama is the President of the United States which is one of most influential countries in the world in many ways. That fact makes Obama influential and important to much of the world,

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Creon is Antigone's uncle.

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Yes he is. Jackie Chan makes no secret of the fact that he is very scared when he does dangerous stunts.

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