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Q: What major university has the most national championships in all sports?
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What university has national championships in the greatest number of different sports?

For the major sports, Alabama for football, UCLA for basketball, and LSU and South Carolina for baseball

How many national championships in football has university of Tennessee won?

They claim 6, but only 4 were by major ('consensus') polls.

How many national championships has Duquesne University won in football?

They have won two: a club football national title in 1973 and I-AA mid-major national championship in 2003.

Which colleges have won 10 or more combined championships in the major sports football basketball baseball and track?

At least UCLA who has won 11 NCAA Basketball Championships alone! Who else? The University of Arkansas has 44 championships in the caegories mentioned.

What major sports event happened in 1998?

the European championships in soccer

Which city with all 4 major sports has ever won championships in all 4 sports?


What city pro teams has championships with all the 4 major sports?

new york

Whats the most major sports championships per state?

football, basketball and baseball.

Has there ever been a city to win championships in the four major sports in one season?


What D1 conference has won the most major sport national championships?

the SEC

Where is recreational sports offered?

Any major college or university.

How many championships did Chicago sports teams win?

Major league clubs in Chicago have won a total of forty-five championships over their long histories. Minor league clubs added twelve additional championships showcasing how successful Chicago has been in the sports world.

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