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Q: What major league baseball team holds the record of extra inning wins?
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What is the largest margin of victory in an extra inning game in major league baseball history?


What is first extra inning in baseball?


Did Willie Mays hit a homer in every inning one through 16?

Mays is the only major league player to have hit a home run in every inning from the first through the 16th. He holds the record for most home runs in extra innings with 22.

What is record for most extra inning games by a major league team in 1 season?

The record for the most extra inning games played by one team in one season is held by the Boston Red Sox, who played 31 extra inning games in the 1943 season. For the 2009 season the record is held by the Los Angeles Dodgers. As of 13 September, 20 of the Dodgers' 144 games have gone to extra innings, of which they have won 11 and lost 9. Ten of these have been played at home and ten on the road. The longest was 15 innings against the St Louis Cardinals, in St Louis, on 29 July. The Dodgers lost 3-2.

How many outs are in a baseball game?

27 outs in a baseball game unless it goes into extra inning.

What kind of grades do you need to get into an Ivy League school like Princeton?

You need an immaculate record with tons of extra credits and extracarriculars.

What is a inning?

An inning, in Baseball, is one round of play. Each team have half of the inning up to bat, and once that teams gets three outs, it is either the second half of the inning or the end of the inning and the beginning of the next one. There are a total of nine innings in a game of baseball, unless the score is tied and that game goes into extra innings.

What is the most games in a row that a major league baseball team has hit an extra base hit?


What does EH stand for in little league baseball?

Extra Hitter. Player hits in batting order but is not in the field.

When was Football League Extra created?

Football League Extra was created in 1994.

When did Football League Extra end?

Football League Extra ended in 2004.

What is the record for strikeouts in one game?

Many Players have Struck out 5 times in one game. That is the record. The record for a nine inning game is (5), but in an extra inning game the record is (6). Cecil Cooper (Boston) Billy Cowan (California) Alex Gonzalez (Toronto) Sam Horn (Baltimore) Rick Reichardt (California) Carl Weilman (St.Louis) Don Hoak (Chicago) and Craig Monroe (Detroit)