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Q: What made Valerie Vili get involved with shot put?
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When will Valerie Vili be competing?

In the Olympics as a shot putter

What valerie vili get in the 2004 Olympics?

Valerie Vili finished in 8th place at the 2004 Games in Athens with a shot of 18.56 meters.

Who is the current shot put World Champion?

Mens: Christian Cantwell Womens: Valerie Vili

What is Valerie Vili's history in shot put?

well i dont really know the answer

How far did Valerie Vili throw the shot put at the 2008 Olympics?

20.56 meters

Who won the shot put in Beijing games?

Men's Shot Put: Tomasz Majewski Women's Shot Put: Valerie Vili

What is Valerie Vilis mother's name?

Valerie Kasanita Adams, formerly Valerie Vili, (an Olympic gold medalist in shot put) was born toLilika Ngauamo.

How long has valerie vili been doing shot putt?

for 20 years for 20 years .

How many olympic games has valerie vili been to?

Valerie Vili has competed in 2 Olympic Games. She finished 8th in women's shot put at the 2004 Games in Athens and won the gold medal in women's shot put at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

How many medals does Valerie Vili have?

Valerie Vili has won one Olympic medal, that being gold in the 2008 Games in women's shot put. She also won gold, in women's shot put, in the 2008 World Indoor Championships, 2007 World Championships, and 2006 Commonwealth Games.

How many gold medals has new zealand won in shot put?

8 medals all by valerie vili (adams)

Who is new Zealand's shot putter?

Female? Valerie Vili/Adams.