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Q: What made Nancy Lopez famous?
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What was Nancy Lopez famous for?

Playing professional golf.

What is lee trevino and Nancy Lopez both famous at?


What famous people have the initials NL?

Nathan Lane, Nancy Lopez

Why is Nancy Lopez so important?

because she is a famous golfer in her generation

Where was Nancy Lopez born?

Nancy Lopez was born in Torrence,CA.

When was Nancy Lopez born?

Nancy Lopez was born on January 6, 1957.

What is Nancy Lopez's full name?

That is her full name, simply Nancy Lopez.

Did Nancy Lopez Die?

Nancy Lopez did not die. she is a retired golf player.

What is Nancy Lopez's birthday?

Nancy Lopez was born on January 6, 1957.

Where does Nancy Lopez lives now?

Nancy Lopez lives now in Waterloo, Canada.

Is Jennifer Lopez sister of Nancy Lopez?


Does Nancy Lopez have children?


Who was the most famous woman golfer of the 70's?

Kathy Whitworth or Nancy Lopez were the most famous women golfers in the 1970s.

How old is Nancy Lopez?

Nancy Lopez is 60 years old (birthdate: January 6, 1957).

Where does Nancy Lopez live?

Nancy lives in Auburn, Alabama

Famous athletes whose last name starts with L?

Rod Laver is a famous Australian tennis player. Nancy Lopez is a famous professional golfer.

Where does Nancy Lopez live now?

Nancy Lopez owns a home in The Villages, fl but does not live there year round.

How did George Lopez get famous?

He made a show by him self.

Who Made the song If I had a hammer famous?

Trini Lopez

How was Nancy Lopez childhood?


Is Nancy Lopez alive?


What did Jennifer Lopez did to became famous?

She became famous when she made selena the mobie

What year did Nancy Lopez turn pro?

Nancy Lopez turned pro in 1977 after she left college in her sophomore year.

Which Nancy was elected to the Golfing Hall of Fame in 1987?

Nancy Lopez.

What made george Lopez famous?

George Lopez is an American actor who started as a stand up comedian. What made him famous was when Sandra Bullock approached him to star in a comedy.