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At a young age when Muhammad Ali started boxing he was famous for his fighting

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Q: What made Ali famous?
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What made Muhammad ali famous?

Cause he was a black fighter

Is muhammad ali famous?

Yes Mohammad Ali is famous boxer, his daughter Layla Ali is also famous as a boxer.

How did Hollywood made Muhammad Ali famous?

It didn't . boxing did and so did his political views.

Muhammad Ali is famous for which sport?

The Great MOE Ali was famous the Boxing :)

What is Ya Ali most famous for?

Ya Ali is not famous for anything. There is no specific person or thing who/which is named or goes by the name "Ya Ali" by itself, who is famous for anything.

Who is more famous Nelson Mandela or Muhammad Ali?

Mohammad Ali is more famous.

Who is more famous SpongeBob SquarePants or Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali is more famous.

Why was Muhammad Ali famous?

Muhammad Ali was famous for being a Boxer and was a world boxing champion.

What is Ali Khan famous for exactly?

The are many famous Ali Khan's and all of them do not have it as a first name. Asad Amanat Ali Khan is famous for being a singer starting at the age of ten.

Is Lindsay Lohan sister ali lohan famous?

Lindsay is very famous. Ali is just starting her career and is becoming famous.

Who is more famous Muhammad Ali or Sonic the Hedgehog?

Muhammad Ali is more famous in terms of boxing

Who is more famous Muhammad Ali or Adele?

muhammad ali

Who is more famous Muhammad Ali or Lady Gaga?

Muhammad Ali

Who is more famous Sonic the Hedgehog or Muhammad Ali?

Muhammad Ali

What is muhhamed Ali?

Muhammed Ali is a famous boxer know as the champion

Who is more famous Muhammad Ali or Usain Bolt?

muhammad ali

What is Hazrat Ali famous for?

Hazrat Ali is quite famous for a few reasons. The Most significant reason that Hazrat is famous is because he is the son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammed.

What did Muhammad Ali become famous?


Who was syed Ali Muhammad taqvi?

you mean Muhammad ali he was a famous boxer

Is boxing an all guy sport?

No, Women box as well, and Leila Ali (daughter of the famous Muhammad Ali) is probably the most famous.

What is Laila Ali most famous for?

Laila Ali was born into a very famous boxing family. As the daughter of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali she stepped out of her fathers shadow to become an excellent boxer herself.

Who is Lucky Ali?

Lucky Ali is the son of famous comic actor Mehmood and is himself a famous singer & actor etc. He is famous for his song Ek pal ka jina

What did Muhammad ali want to do when he grew up?

Mohammad Ali wanted to be a famous boxer.

What are Muhammad Ali qualities?

one of muhammad ali qailtes were boxing and his famous qoutes

Which movie made Sharmila Tagore famous?

The movie that made Hindi film actress Sharmila Tagore famous was "Kashmir Ki Kali," which was made in 1964. Sharmila Tagore is married to former captain to the Indian cricket team, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi.