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Q: What logo is color hands on a basketball?
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What logo has different color hands going in a circle?

FIBA, the international Basketball federation, has a logo which represents hands in multiple colors on a transparent basketball. Images of hands are powerful symbols that are used in many other logos.

Who has a logo with hands around a basketball?


What organisation has a basketball with coloured hands as a logo?


What company logo has multicolored hands reaching around a basketball?


What co has logo with reaching hands?

Allstate Insurance has hands in their logo.

What clothing company has logo with basketball player dunking?

Micheal Jordan basketball logo. It has the logo of dunking player on it tshirts

What professional basketball team has a leprechaun on its logo?

The Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association have a leprechaun for a logo. The original logo was created by Zang Auerbach.

How many nba teams don't have a basketball in their logo?

10 out of 30 NBA teams don't have a basketball in their logo.

Who is on a basketball ball?

If it has the NBA logo on the basketball, then it will have a sillouhette of Jerry West on it.

What is the logo connecting people?

It is Nokia's logo with the image of two hands

What can be seen on the logo of the Cleveland Cavaliers?

The logo of the Cleveland Cavaliers has a basketball in the background, with a cavaliers sword piercing the name of the basketball team. The logo features the teams "wine and gold" colors.

What logo has two red hands in a white circle?

It is the logo for Tom Tom.

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