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Q: What company logo has multicolored hands reaching around a basketball?
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What is the International name of basketball?

Basketball is known around the world as 'basketball'.

What companies manufacture portable basketball backboards?

The portable basketball backboard has been around for a while and the one company leading the industry is spalding. Spalding offers basketballs and other athletic gear.

How long has basketball been around?

the origin of basketball has been around since 1891.

How many rules are in basketball?

There are around 100 rules in basketball

When did pro basketball begin?

Around 1937, the National Basketball League (NBL).

What color is a basketball?

The color of a basketball is orange with black lines circling around it.

What is the differences between basketball wives and basketball wives LA?

Basketball ball wives is from around the world and basketball wives La is just in L.A.

How heavy is a basketball?

It depends what kind and size the basketball is. a mens basketball is 29.5 inch around and weights 22.0 oz

How many people go to a basketball game?

Around 20,000 for pro Basketball games

What is the radius of a woman's basketball?

The average radius for a basketball is around 4 (4.5) inches.

How do you drbble a basketball?

you push the basketball towards the ground and continue moving around the court.

What is the symbolic meaning of multicolored butterflies flying around you?

It is not a proven fact but it is said that you are lucky if you have butterflies flying around you. It has also been said if a butterfly lands on you, you have a relative that has passed away looking out for you.

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