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Newly Junior Elite

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2011-02-27 23:07:47
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Q: What level are you at gymnastics?
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What age should a child be able to do a cartwheel?

It depends on the gymnastics level of the child or teen. You learn a cartwheel at level 1 gymnastics, so it just depends on what level of gymnastics they are on.

What level is it to do the splits in gymnastics?

level 2

What level are you in gymnastics?

well i am on level 2 sucks but everyday it gets harder <3 luv gymnastics

What level is Olivia Holt in gymnastics?

level 7

What are some examples of floor routines in gymnastics?

go to and surch gymnastics/ floor. plenty will come up. if you are looking for a certain level then type in gymnastics/ floor/ level ___.

What is level 4 gymnastics?

In USA program Level 4 gymnastics is commonly a level where one can try out for a team to compete with, but is NOT necessary. Can not give skill examples w/out knowing which gymnastic sport you are referring too.International Gymnastic SportsArtistic Gymnastics Men'sArtistic Gymnastics Woman'sAerobic GymnasticsRhythmic GymnasticsAcrobatic GymnasticsPower Tumble and Trampoline GymnasticsGroup Gymnastics

Is 15 to old to be in level 7 gymnastics?

No, its not. As long as you keep working hard you should have no problem achieving higher level gymnastics.

What level belt do you have to be in gymnastics?

There are no belts in gymnastics. There are competitive levels, but there are no belts. If you're asking what level you have to be to be competitive, that would be level 4. To train for the Olympics, you must reach level 10.

What is elite gymnastics?

elite is the top level in gymnastics, and elite gymnasts fo the hardest skills. in gymnastics, there are the levels 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,and elite.

What is the skills in gymnastics?

There are many skills in gymnastics. but it all depends what level you are in. If you would like to know skills of a certain level let me know!

Is there such thing as level 8 in gymnastics?


What level of gymnastics is a back hand spring?

about...level 1 & 2

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