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They won the SPL

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Q: What league did Celtic fc win in may 2011?
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Will Celtic win the league?

no they are not ready

Who will win the scottish premier league?


When did celtic win the champions league?


Will rangers win the league this year?

No Rangers will not win the Scotish title as Celtic are ahead of them.

Will Celtic fc win the champions league next season?


Were Celtic the first british team to win the champions league?


Will tottenham win the league?

yes tottenham hotspur will win the league it is predicted on current form that they will win the English premier league in 2011/12 season.

Who is the most successful club in Scotland?

Celtic. Although Rangers have won more league titles, 53 compared to Celtic`s 42, Celtic is the only Scottish club, and the first club in Britain, to win the European Cup, which is now the Champions League.

Who will win the uefa champions league of 2011?


Who will win the champions league in 2011?

FC Bayern Munich will win it this year.

What year did Celtic win champions league?

On 25 May, 1967 Celtic travelled to Lisbon to face Inter Milan in the European Cup Final. Celtic won 2-1 to become the first British side to win the cup.The game is said to be a 'victory for football' as Celtic's attacking flair overcame Inter's 'Catenaccio' defensive style.Remarkably, all but one member of Celtic's squad were born within 10 miles of Celtic Park in Glasgow. The team have been nicknamed the Lisbon Lions, and are considered the greatest side in Celtic's history.

Who is the oldest player to win the premier league?

Edwin Van der Sar became the oldest player to win a Premier League title at the age of 40 years and 205 days (on Sunday 22 May 2011) Source: The Guardian

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