What league are fc united in?

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FC United of Manchester are now in the Unibond Premier league (Northern premier league) after wining promotion from the Unibond north The next leagues in order are Blue Square North ( Conference North) Blue Square Premier ( Conference National) Football league second division They started off in the North West Counties league second division Wining promotion to the North West Counties league First division Then wining promotion to the Unibond north Then Promotion to the Unibond Premier Honours North West Counties League Division Two Champions 2005-06 BBC North West Sports Awards Newcomer of the Year 2006 North West Counties League Division One Champions 2006-07 North West Counties League Challenge Cup Winners 2006-07 Supporters Direct Cup Winners 2006-07 Jimmy Davis Memorial Cup Winners 2007-2008 Northern Premier League Division One North Runners-up 2007-08 Playoff Winners 2007-08 Northern Premier League Presidents Cup Winners 2007-08

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Q: What league are fc united in?
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When was Adelaide United FC W-League created?

Adelaide United FC W-League was created in 2008.

Who won the premier league in 1970?

Chelsea United FC .

What is the best team to be on pes 2010 psp?

FC Barcelona of the Spanish league or Chelsea FC or Manchester United of the English league. These are all really strong teams.

What is Shinji Kagawa's kit number at Manchester United FC?

He is currently number 26 for the new 2013 season in the Barclays Premier League for Manchester United FC.

Can you name the five football clubs who play in the Scottish football League whose name start with the letter 'A'?

There are currently seven football clubs in the Scottish Football League that begin with the letter "A": # Aberdeen FC # Airdrie United FC # Albion Rovers FC # Alloa Athletic FC # Annan Athletic FC # Arbroath FC # Ayr United FC See the rest here:

Who is Chelsea fc?

Chelsea FC is a football Team playing in Barclay's Premier League. They are situated in south London, and their main rivals are Arsenal and Manchester United.

Has Manchester united fc beaten Barcelona Football Club for a trophy before?

No they haven't. But Barcelona FC have. They beat them in the Champions League Final 2009/2010.

The team to win most of the English premier league titles?

Manchester United FC with 19 titles.

What are the biggest football rivalries in England?

in schools there can not be rivals but in English football Liverpool fc and Manchester united are the biggest rivals. Manchester united have won the league 19 times and Liverpool fc have won the league 18 times. also sinse Kenny dalglish the Liverpool fc legend came back, Manchester united are no where next to Liverpool fc. this season Liverpool fc beat Manchester uited 3-1. that can also prove Liverpool fc can be the greatest team in football history. back in them dalglish times Liverpool fc used to play Barcelona football.

How many times have man united lost champions league finals?

Manchester United have lost the UEFA Champions League final twice. They lost to FC Barcelona in 2009 and 2011.

What was the score in 2008 when Manchester united fc won against Chelsea in the champions league?

it was 1-1 Manchester united won on penalties

What is the motto of United Africa FC?

United Africa FC's motto is 'United We Stand'.

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