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any head will fit on any shaft. It just might take a little elbow grease

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Q: What lacrosse shafts does the answer pro fit on?
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Will a stx surgeon lacrosse head fit on a stx scandium pro attack shaft?

Yes. Most head wil fit on shafts made by the same company

Are all Lacrosse shafts universal?

No reebok does not fit with other shafts without adapter and some just dont fit

What lacrosse shafts does the Brine Clutch 2x fit on?

the brine clutch head will fit on any brine lacrosse shafts. I have the Clutch on my brine swizzebeat. i recommended this shaft its is light gripy and cheap. it is only 80 dollars

What lacrosse shafts does the maverick vision fit on?

All maverick shafts and all stx shafts except the bad ones like the alloy n it does fit on brine shafts but u will probably need to drill a new hole. Hope that helped.

What lacrosse shafts does the Brine Clutch fit on?


Where can you get the best deals on lacrosse shafts?

Storm lacrosse in utah

Why wont my Evo 3 lacrosse head fit any shafts What do I do?

it will fit on shafts make sure the shaft is mens and it's a little harder to put on a crank shaft. if this is a real problem take it to the nearest lacrosse store and ask them why and if i burned out of shape go to where you bought it and see if you have a warranty (most heads do)

Are stx lacrosse shafts longer than normal shafts?

no... why would you think that?

Is the Reebok 10k shaft compatible with other lacrosse heads?

no, one example that it can't fit on is the crankshaft

Is lacrosse a pro sport?

lacrosse is a pro sport.

Where can you buy easton lacrosse shafts?

Easton lacrosse shafts only have prototypes out so far so you cant get them yet unless your on some teams

Is scanduim found in lacrosse shafts?

yes in some