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Tennis can be played as "one-on-one"--singles, or "two-on-two"--doubles. Both singles and doubles can be played on a variety of surfaces, including grass, clay, and asphalt courts.

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Q: What kinds of tennis is there?
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Kinds of individual and dual sports?

Swimming an tennis

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Nirogen is inside some kinds of tennis balls. It all depends on what you buy.

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What are different kinds of dual sports?

Tennis, Badminton are some. :-) Add, if you want to.

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Tennis players use various kinds of equipment while training. The most important of which would be the tennis racket which may be used with or without a leather grip.

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yea you have to use the hairs off your bum :D

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Are you thinking of tennis courts? Royal courts? Please clarify and ask your question again.

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The official name for tennis is 'tennis'. The official name for tennis is 'tennis'.

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