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Little Tikes makes basketballs and Basketball hoops. They also make a toy chest that is shaped like a basketball hoop. You can find these toys at stores like Toys 'R' Us, and online at sites like eBay and Amazon.

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Q: What kinds of basketball toys does Little Tikes make?
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How high is the Little Tikes basketball hoop?

The Little Tikes basketball hoop has an adjustable back the can make the hoop two feet five inches, all the way to four feet depending on how tall the child is.

Does Fisher Price make a little tikes table?

No, Fisher Price does not make a little tikes table. However, they do make a little picnic table that you may be able to find online. Toy R Us does sell a little tikes table, however.

At what age is little tikes basketball hoop appropriate?

Little Tikes makes several different basketball hoop products. Their smallest hoop - the TotSports Basketball Set - is desinged for children as young as 1 and 1/2 years of age to five years of age. They also make an adjustable height basketball hoop for older children in elementary school.

Is a Little Tikes playhouse for toddlers?

Yes, Little Tikes playhouses are great for toddlers. Be sure to monitor them though to make sure they are in fact staying safe.

Does the Little Tikes Magic copier make games?

No, that video that you saw is fake.

Would a little girl enjoy a Little Tikes car for her birthday?

A little tikes car would make a perfect gift for a girl's birthday. We can buy a good quality one with the color of the girl's liking to make it a perfect birthday gift.

Little Tikes Swimming Pool?

Any little tikes swimming pool should be made of durable, soft material. Make sure that the little tikes swimming pool holds enough water for the kids to have fun, but not enough to cause a safety hazard. The water should never come up to head level; about one foot of waterspace is enough. Many little tikes swimming pool come with matching floaties, which provide an added protection. Look for deals online as well as for reviews of little tikes swimming pools that are currently on the market.

How safe is the little tikes slide?

The little tikes slide is safe as long as proper supervision by an adult is provided during the use of the slide. It is also important to make sure you follow the age guidelines for proper use.

are little tikes toybox made in the USA?

Yes all little tikes products are made in the USA. When you visit the companies website advertised on the drop down menu the site advertised that toys are make in the USA.

Do Little Tikes toys make good birthday gifts?

Yes, Little Tikes makes excellent birthday gifts. They have a wide variety of things to choose from and there are great selections, depending on what kind of things the child likes.

What is the all time best selling product manufactured by Little Tikes?

The top selling products by Little Tikes are the outdoor play areas that they make with slides as well as climbing areas. They have been very popular for many years.

What is the weight limit for Little Tikes swings?

The weight limit for most Little Tikes swings is 40 pounds. You should check the childs swing manual to make sure since all swings are different and have different limits.

For Your Little Princess?

The little tikes princess bed is one of the most popular beds for young girls. There are often ways to get substantial discounts on the little tikes princess bed, including finding it online or used from neighbors whose children have outgrown it. The design of the little tikes princess bed does not change often, so the child will not be able to tell the difference between newer and older models. If you do buy used, however, make sure that you do not buy a bed with missing or damaged pieces, as the little tikes princess bed tends to have smaller parts.

Can my niece use the Little Tikes BBQ Grill both indoors and outdoors if I buy this for her birthday?

Yes, a little Tikes barbecue can be used both indoors and out but make certain there is an adult supervising. There is an element of risk, although it is minimal but always use safety precautions.

Little Tikes Adjustable Playground?

A little tikes adjustable playground is one of the most versatile toys you can get your child. Make sure that it does not have any small parts or accessories that the child can hurt him or herself on. Also, a little tikes adjustable playground should be made of plastic or another soft, bouncy kind of material, and have no sharp edges. Check the Internet for reviews of any little tikes adjustable playground that is out there right now, compare those that you have taken an interest in, and ask parents around your neighborhood before buying such a physically based toy.

What is a good little tikes kitchen set?

It is a plastic play kitchen for babies and is not made using dangerous lead paint. Unlike some toys from china the toys that little tikes make are kid safe, so there isn't a risk of any harmful substances affecting the child.

Is the Little Tikes cozy coupe the same as when it was first introduced?

Due to safety standards surrounding kids toys, there have been improvements made to the Little Tikes cozy Coupe. I believe that the improvements that they have made, make a better cozy coupe.

How do you tie cords to make a basketball hoop?

it has little knot to put in there

Little Tikes Blocks?

If you're interested in getting your kids some Little Tikes blocks, then you may want to consider a few things before your purchase. For starters, you need to make sure that the block sizes that you get are appropriate for the age of your child. Parents will sometimes buy toys that are a little too small for their child's age, unwittingly putting their child in danger. The benefit of using Little Tikes blocks is that they are generally larger in size than standard blocks and are much safer as a result. By using these blocks, you will definitely be making a smarter safety choice for your child.

What is the best BBQ grill for my kids?

Little Tikes grills can be great for your kids they can help your little ones grow up to be great chefs like you. They can teach your kids about how to grill and you can supervise while they make you dinner.

Your Child Might Not Be An NBA Star, But... ?

Do you want your child to be the next NBA star? Probably, but the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim. However, it would be nice if he could hold his own down at the park or in a league basketball game. In order to get him off on the right foot, buy a little tikes basketball hoop. Make sure it�s plastic and adjustable. The plastic is important because of durability. As you know, tikes can be somewhat destructive. The adjustment feature is important because you want your child to experience success right away. This will keep them interested and motivated.

What types of play houses does Little Tikes make?

Little Tikes make a variety of play houses ranging from $149.99(US) to $1279.99(US) and may be constructed from plastic and metal for the most part. The designs range from a simple Wendy house to a full adventure set. All models are suitable for children of 4 years of age or older but some models are suitable for children as young as 13 months.

What colors are available for Little Tikes rocking toys?

Little Tikes makes a rocking horse which is available in either primary blue or magenta. They also make a rocking puppy which is available in red or blue, and a rocking school bus, which, as one might expect, is school bus yellow. They have a wide variety of rocking and ride-on toys available in almost any color a person can imagine.

What companies make a toy car garage suitable for a three year old?

There are many toy car companies that make toy car garages suitable for younger children. Some of these companies include Matchbox, Hotwheels, and Little Tikes.

Outdoor Play with the Little Tikes Sand Box?

The Little Tikes Sand Box creates a fun and safe play area in an outdoor space. Children can enjoy playing in sand without worrying about making a mess. Small pails and shovels make great accessories for the Little Tikes Sand Box and encourage digging or building sand castles. Toy dump trucks and other toy vehicles can also provide hours of enjoyment for children in sand boxes. Children can use toy dump trucks to haul sand and create sandy roadways or race tracks to drive their toy vehicles over.