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Q: What kind of vehicle does tiger woods drive?
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What kind of driver does Tiger Woods use in Tiger Woods PGA tour?

nike sq tour driver

What kind of education did Tiger Woods have?

Tiger went to Stanford University

What kind of job did Tiger Woods do?

was a caddy

What kind of car does tiger woods own?

A jaguar

What kind of jet does Tiger Woods have?

Gulf stream 5

What kind of pets does Tiger Woods have?

No he does not. He odesn't have time to look after them

What kind of baby did Tiger Woods and his wife have about 2 weeks ago?

The human kind.

What kind of foods does Tiger Woods like best?

chicken and waffles

What kind of golf towel does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods uses a Nike Jacquard golf towel as he is sponsored by the brand. You can purchase towels similar to what Tiger uses from Amazon as well as the official Nike store.

Who is more famous Shrek or Tiger Woods?

Tigers of which hide in the Woods are the most famous kind of tiger. Shrek is a massive infected testicle. Go Figure.

What kind of glove does Tiger Woods used?

Nike Dri-Fit Tour glove.

What kind of vehicle does Jacob Black drive?

a rabbit

What kind of putter does tiger use?

Tiger Woods has been using the same putter for about seven years. It's a Titleist Prototype designed by Scotty Cameron.

What kind of music does Tiger Woods listen to?

I've seen that he likes rap and things from the eightys to listen too

Can you drive in South Carolina without a bumper?

What kind of vehicle? If the vehicle was manufactured with a bumper - it must have a bumper on it.

Can you drive without a bumper in South Carolina?

What kind of vehicle? If the vehicle was manufactured with a bumper - it must have a bumper on it.

What kind of vehicle does Donny Osmond drive?

a hooptie with big rims

What kind of vehicle does Adam Young of Owl city drive?

A car.

Nike should break contract with Tiger Woods?

Yes Nike should break contract with Woods, they should not support this kind of family life styles, if they support him they are saying it does not matter what woods has done immoral, we have to set standards for our children to go by, some of his other sponsors have drop woods, they do not want there products supporting this kind of lifestyle,

What kind of spikes does Tiger Woods wear?

Tiger wears 9 year old Footjoy soft soul spikes that he has loved for years..he also uses custom Dr. Scholls Gel inserts (Tiger has big feet)

What kind of car does Christopher Ewing drive?

Tesla Roadster Electronic Vehicle

What kind of vehicle does melinda Gordon drive in season 5?

Jeep Liberty

What kind of vehicle does Sylvester Stallone drive?

he drives a a motor bike but unknown model

What kind of vehicle did Tom Hanks drive in the movie Bachelor Party?

school bus

Is there a fuses for transmission and speedometer?

Yes it depends what kind of vehicle you drive as to where the fuse is located.