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depends on the sport.

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Q: What kind of training do coaches do for students?
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What kind of training does Lionel messi do?

messi gets all the training, from tactical, tecnical ,gameplay etc... several coaches to teach the little magician

What kind of pet training courses does Petfinder offer?

Petfinder offers many types of training courses from dog behavior training, house training and cat behavior training. Petfinder also assist someone in finding the proper training coaches and trainers in any area.

Why is sport in schools good?

it can teach respect for teachers,coaches,and other students

How should teachers or coaches behave in order to treat their students fairly?


What kind of coaches are there in football?

good, bad and others

When is a good age to start gymnastics?

In Malaysia, coaches prefer students aged 5

35 coaches and 15 students split into groups. How many groups would they have?


How many groups can you make up out of 35 students and 15 coaches equally?

5 teams: each with 7 players and 3 coaches 35/5=7 players and 15/5=3 coaches

What kind of training did a cooper do?

what kind of training did a cooper do

How many coaches are currently in the NFL?

32 at each kind.

Where can i get good workplace training ?

The answer will vary depending on what kind of training you are looking for. Ironically YouTube now offers many many different training opportunities. Some professors are now posting video's of their lectures on YouTube for the convenience of their students.

What has the author Eric Riedel written?

Eric Riedel has written: 'A survey of practices of swimming coaches concerning weight training programs' -- subject(s): Training, Weight training, Swimming

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