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Q: What kind of tennis balls do they use in the US Open?
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How many tennis balls do they use for the Australian Open?

For every tennis match there maybe 60 balls needed

What kind of tennis balls do they use at Wimbledon?


Are men's tennis balls heavier than womens?

No. They weigh the same amount and are the basically the same kind of tennis balls you can pick up at wal-mart or the like. Te only difference is that they use different kinds of tennis balls depending on what surface they are playing on. So, the balls they played with during the French Open are not the same kind they would use during the US Open or Wimbledon. Even then, the guys and the gals use the same type of balls. No difference in weight, size, or texture.

What kind of equipment do tennis players use?

Tennis raquets & balls. Are you looking for brands?

When you open a new can of tennis balls do you need to use them right away?

NO whenever the next time you are going to play tennis is when you can use one

Who uses tennis balls?

Tennis players use tennis balls during their match.

Why do you use tennis balls?

To play tennis.

Why do you use new tennis balls and not old tennis balls?

New tennis balls are considered fresh and not "flat". Old tennis balls exposed to play and air become flat and do not perform normally in a match.

Do men and women use the same tennis balls?


What physical property can we use to separate tennis balls from rocks?

The density of tennis balls is approx. 0,38 g/cm3 an can float on water.

What is a use for aegirine?

glass, magnets, Tennis balls & blackboards

Are tennis balls safe for puppies?

not for puppies, they use them for big dogs, if u want a tennis ball for youre puppy go to a pet store and buy special tennis balls

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