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Q: What kind of sports they play in France?
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What kind of sports dos France play?


What kind of sports do they play in France?

Rugby is a big sport over in France!

What sports do they say in France?

in France they say many different sports but do you mean what sports do the play in France?

What kind of sport do they played in France?

They play basketball,football and soccer. that's the sports i only know.

What kind of sports does guineans play?

guinnie pigs not play sports

What kind of sports do people in China play?

"what kind of sports do they play in china?table tennis, badminton

What are popular sports in France?

they play soccer

What kind of sports do Luxembourg play?

Wii Sports.

What sports do kids play in France?

Football, tennis, rugby, cycling, basketball, skiing are popular sports for kids in France.

What sports can you play in France?

Popular sports played in France include football, judo and tennis.

What kind of sports do brazillians play?

Two of the sports that they play are soccer and beach volleyball.

What kind of sports do they play Miami?

They play cricket,soccer,football,basketball,and many others sports.

What kind of sports can a astronaut play?

Almost all kind of sports. (On the Earth)...... In space, there is no time and/or environment for sports.

What kind of Sports did Egyptian Play?

they play hockey

What sports are played in France at Christmas?

They play booooooop

What sports do they like to play in Paris France?


What kind of sports did they play in Sparta?

they dont like to play sports by:onyae symone rush

What kind of sports did the ojibwa?


Miami Indians sports?

what kind of sports do Miami idains play

What kind of sports do they play in Italy?

They play soccer in Italy.

What kind of sports do the greeks play?

The Greeks play soccer.

What kind of sports do Normans play?

Normans usually play soccer, football, cycling and billiards. The Normans are found in the northern region of France. They are a combination of Viking settlers and Frankish cultures.

What kind of sports do settlers play?


What kind of sports do Mexicans play?


What kind of sports do the people in Switzerland play?

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