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They play many sports, but the most dominant sport is soccer.

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Q: What kind of sports do people in South America play?
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American Southern Amegos, or Americans or Southerners or South Americans or American Southerners

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What kind of sports did the South African had?

The first one was soccer

What kind of transportation do people in the cities of South America use for transportation?

Trains uasually go in the transportation of goods

Are llamas people?

No. They are a kind of animal found in South America, that are similar to, but smaller than a camel. They are quite hairy.

What kind of sports did the Mexicans bring to America?

Soccer is the most popular sport brought by Mexicans into America.

What kind of clothing do people wear in south America Chile?

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Are Penguins in South America?

NO! What kind of question is this?

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What kind of sports do people in China play?

"what kind of sports do they play in china?table tennis, badminton

What are people's lives like in south America?

kind of like what it is in america. only different in some ways like language and economy because all of the world's economies are different

What kind of people are attracted to extreme sports?

Xtreme people

What kind of houses do people live in in south america?

they live in similar houses to us apart from they are a bit bigger and look newer

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Every country in South America has different job requirements. It would be difficult to list them all.

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) ==

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What kind of countries are in the western hemisphere?

All the countries of North America and South America.

What kind of sports do Alaskan people play?

The usual sports Alaskan people play are dog mushing and ice hockey.

What kind of sports were there in America in the 1800s?

Professional Train Drag Races. If you know i mean?

What sports do they play at Danish schools?

The same kind of sports as you would play in North America, but traditionally, football (soccer) is popular in Europe.

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