What kind of sports did the South African had?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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The first one was soccer

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Q: What kind of sports did the South African had?
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Are women marginalised in South African sports?


What are the South African sports?

Cricket and Rugby are stereotypical "South African" sports however we play many others as well, just like any other country.

What kind of money does South Africa have?

South African Rand.

Does South African sport and soccer in particular assist in establishing a national identity?

South African sports can assist in establishing a national identity. Soccer and other sports give the community something to love and support together.

What colours do south African sports teams play in?

they wear yellow t-shirt

What kinds of sports do south African peopie like?

Cricket and Rugby. Sometimes Hockey

What kind of sports do Koreans play in south Korea?


What kind of money do they use in Newcastle South Africa?

Newcastle, South Africa, uses the South African Rand.

What kind of currency has a R in front of the amount?

south African rand

What kind of sports were played during the early 1800?

Whip the African, Rob the Native and Baseball.

Why south African players are called pro teas?

The Protea is the national flower of South Africa and that is why all the national sports teams in SA are called proteas.

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