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They play Basketball,football and soccer. that's the sports i only know.

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Q: What kind of sport do they played in France?
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Related questions

Which sport is played least in France?

Wrestling is the least played sport in France.

What is the major sport played in France?

Soccer is the natinal sport of France

What was the national sport in Ancient France?

Football was the most common sport played in Ancient France.

What kind of sports do they play in France?

Rugby is a big sport over in France!

What sport is played with several balls in France?


What is the most popular activity in France?

foot fhnhfkvhgrbnhf is the most played sport in france

What is pelote jai alai?

A sport played in the south of France.

What sport does people play in France?

The sports they play are mostly the same as America but the most watched and played sport would be football

What are some sports typically played in France?

The most popular sport in France is soccer. The French are crazy for soccer. Soccer is what most people enjoy in France.

What kind of sport is badminton?

It is a type of sport that includes running,stamina,strength and the spirit of sportsmanship .it is known as a sport that is mainly played indoors. It is a racquet sport

What kind of music is played in France?


What kind of sport did John Cena do as a kid?

He played NFL.

How and when did tennis start?

It began 900 years ago in France as a sport that was played with the palms of your hands.

What kind of music is played in Paris France?


Why is soccer so popular in France?

Football is the one of the most famous played and watched sport in the world. So it will also be very popular in France.

What is the national sport of France?

There is no national sport in France eventhough France is very famous for football AKA Soccer.

What type of sports are played in France?

Football, Rugby, Cycling, Motor Sport, Tennis

What kind of spots played in denmark?

there is soccer, surfing, chess and water sport's.

What sport was played in 1814?

Da kind of sports that you played on a rock while skreaming "ooh oh ar ar"!

The sport played in Greece?

The first sport played in Greece was just foot racing. But then after the Olympics were founded, all kind of sports that are played today became a major part of their life.

What sport does Zinedine Zidane play?

Zinedine Zidane the French footballer, played football , for the following clubs, Bordeaux, Juventus and Real Madrid, he also played for France. :)

What kind of sport was played in the 1750s?

SPORTS OF STICK & BALL e.g.-Golf,Baseball

What kind of games did the aboriginals play?

They played mostly lacross, which today, is the national sport of Canada.

What sport did Zinedine Zidane play?

Zinedine Zidane played French Football. Zinedine played for Bordeaux, Juventus, Real Madrid and France, his postion was attacking midfielder when he played for the French team.

What kind of sports are there in an outdoor sports?

in outdoor sport like football ,volley ball ,basketball ,cricket etc are outdoor sport. because the are played outside.

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