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Whatever your favorite shotgun is. Personally i have an over-under 12-gauge shotgun with a 29 inch barrel. Works well for duck hunting as well.

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Q: What kind of shotgun is good for clay shooting and target shooting with slugs?
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Do you need a shotgun licence to purchase ammunition for clay shooting?

No. Not in Virginia anyway.

What kind of firearms can you use for clay pigeon shooting?

Marksmen use a shotgun for clay pigeon shooting. All types of shotguns are used including single-shot, semi-automatic and pump. The type of shotgun used is really a personal preference.

What is the name of the target practice where you throw up a disc and shoot at it?

Skeet (or clay pigeon) shooting.

Clay target throwers serve what purpose?

Clay Target throwers are used in trap shooting to throw the clay targets. The clay traps (clay pigeons) are then shot for practice or for sport. It is very difficult to toss clay targets far enough by hand so the throwers are needed.

What does cock it and pull it mean?

'Cock it and pull it' probably refers to the sport of shooting. Cock it refers to 'cocking' a shotgun; this is loading the gun with bullets and preparing the gun to fire. Pull it refers to what is said by people as they shoot. When a shooter yells 'Pull!' the target is released, for example a clay disc (or clay pigeon) and the shooter tries to hit the flying target.

What sort of gun is used to for clay target shooting?

any smooth bore shotgun may be used for clays, the most popular are over/under shotguns though the type of clays you shoot will determine the needs for your setup,any shotgun that will shoot twice per loading will let you play

What is Clay Shooting Games?

This is a kind of shooting games. World sporting UK provides clay shooting games

Should I get a katana or a shotgun?

The katana would make a good display piece, but there is not much else you can use it for, unless you want to become a samurai. On the other hand a shotgun could be used for sporting (clay pigeon, target shooting), hunting or even defensive purposes. If you want a good display piece- Katana. If you want something you can use- shotgun.

Where can you go clay pigeon shooting?

To go clay pigeon shooting you can go to a Clay Pigeon Shooting grounds in London. Also College Farm Shooting Ground offers a high quality first class clay pigeon shooting experience in Buckinghamshire countryside setting.

When was Laser Clay Shooting System created?

Laser Clay Shooting System was created in 1973.

When was Clay Pigeon Shooting Association created?

Clay Pigeon Shooting Association was created in 1928.

What shotgun is best for skeet shooting?

It is very recreational and great activity where participants using shotgun shooting chokes. It is one of the three major disciplines of clay pigeon shooting, sporting clays and trap shooting. There are many types of skeet which include Olympic skeet or international skeet. It is designed to be a 30-inch circle at 21 yards distance.

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