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8 made 3s at half time.


More points in a half 42 and 51

More 60 pt games

Higher MSG point total

More points

More assist

More rebounds

More all start game appearances

More All Star Game MVPs

Youngest Slam Dunk Champ

Youngest All Star Starter

!st guard to play 20 years

Beatn the most 50+ win teams in playoffs

Played vs the best records in playoff history

only player to average 40 for a month

went on avr 40 for a month x4

highest point total ever for a last game 60

More defensive selections

more all nba se;ections

oldest with the most 30 point games in a row 33 yrs old 10 30 pt games in a row

youngest to 3 peat

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hitting more 3s in one game and scoring 81 points in one game

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He holds most 3pts in a game 12 and second most points in a game 81 most points in all of his all star games and more

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8y ago

Most missed shots in a NBA career

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Q: What kind of record did Kobe Bryant do?
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