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Volleyballs are made out of soft smooth leather. That makes it easier bump, pass set and do all thoughs things in the game of volleyball.

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Q: What kind of leather is a volleyball made out of?
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What is a volleyball made out of?

A volleyball is made out of leather and rubber.

What is the volleyball made of?

regulation volleyballs are made of leather or synthetic leather

What was the first volleyball made of?

Most likely leather.

What was first volleyball made of?

the ball was made from leather paneling over a rubber carcass

What is the outside of a volleyball made of?

Good volleyballs are generally made out of leather or synthetic leather. It does varie a lot though, so if you want to know a specific volleyball, you can go onto their website and descriptions of balls and find it there.

What is volleyball made out of?

An indoor volleyball is usually made out of synthetic leather that is good for hitting even surfaces, like a gym floor. The inside is pumped full with air. An outdoor, professional, or game volleyball is usually made out of real leather that is harder than the synthetic leather. This is also filled with air. Both volleyballs have cut panels of either synthetic leather or real leather that is stitched very tightly so that no air will escape.

What was the first volleyball look like?

The first volleyball was made from different types of leather. These were smaller than present and quite lighter.

What material is the volleyball?

it can be plastic, fake leather, or leather. i personally like leather the best:)

What cloth is used in a volleyball?


Material of volleyball?

died leather

What kind of soft leather made originally from goatskin came from Spain?

Morocco leather is a very soft leather made from goatskin that came from Spain.

What animals are leather wallets made from?

Leather can be made out of just about any kind of animal skin. Leather wallets are no exception though on example of a good quality leather wallet is made out of buffalo calf hides.

What material is use to make the volleyball?


What is the official covering of a volleyball?

white leather

What was the volleyball played with when it began?

leather spheres

What kind of material is trainers made out of?

trainers are made from leather and silk

What are the properties of a volleyball?

It is round, it is normally made of rubber, but sometimes leather, and if it is pumped up, it bounces about up to your shoulders.

What kind of fabric are boots made of?

It depends... boots are usually made of leather.

What are the materials in volleyball?

Volleyballs are made of synthetic or genuine leather, which is wrapped around a rubber and butyl material known as the bladder.

Before a ball was custom made for the sport in 1900 what kind of a ball was being used in volleyball?

I don't think they played volleyball before the actual volleyball came out

Why is the volleyball made from leather?

because they wanted to make it out of leather not anything else so they did and so it is also its because reece is awesome Jacob is cool and chris is so short he cant be tall

Circumference of a volleyball?

The volleyball is an inflated sphere with a laceless leather or synthetic leather cover. Smaller and lighter than a basketball , the volleyball 63.5 to 68.6 cm (25 to 27) in circumference and weighs 255 to 283 g (9 to 10 oz).

What kind of soft leather comes from goat skin?

Goat leather is sometimes called Morocco leather, but in more recent time hides from other animals has come to be called Morocco leather. So, real leather made from goats is just called goatskin leather. Chamois are made from goatskins, but they are also made from the skin of sheep or chamois

What is the radius of a volleyball?

well it depends on what kind of volleyball you have. an outdoor volleyball is bigger than an indoor volleyball

What is a leather jacket a kind of?

Leather is most often made from cow hides. Commercially manufactured leather is always made from cow hides. Other animal hides such as moose, deer, elk, caribou can also be used to make leather.