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The X:60 by far.

Last year I had the Bauer XXXX, and I loved it. With all the new improvements from the XXXX to the X:60, this is going to be even better.

The S19 is the same thing as the S17, but with a new design and higher $$$$s. I had a friend who went through 4 S17 in six months.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-11 22:52:24
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Q: What kind of hockey stick is better the Bauer x60 or the easton s19?
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What is the best hockey stick on the markets?

The best hockey stick is the easton S17, easton SE16, nike Bauer one95,or the nike Bauer XXXX.

What stick is better easton 999 or Bauer vapor x rival?

easton 999

What hockey stick is better The Bauer Vapor X6.0 or the Bauer Vapor X60 And why?

bauer vapor x6.0

What is the best curve for intermediate hockey stick?

in my opinion the p92 curve from bauer and this is the same curve as sakic/hall for easton

What is the lightest hockey stick?

The 2005 "Easton Stealth" composite hockey stick.

What hockey stick is better Bauer or warrior?

I think its both it depends sometimes

What hockey stick should you get The Bauer Vapor X6.0 or the Bauer Vapor X60 What are the differences?

we think the X60 is better.

You wanted to buy a composite hockey stick and was wondering wheather to buy an Easton or Reebok and which stick?


What kind of hockey stick is the best?

I Think Bauer reebok Easton r really good brands but it really depends on the curve and the flex of the dtick

Is there going to be a easton s21 hockey stick?


What is the best composite hockey stick?

Easton S17

What is the lightest composite hockey stick?

For my 12th grade science expierament I tested which composite, intermediate hockey stick is the lightest. I tested a Nike Bauer one95, an easton stick'um stealth, a reebok 10k, a CCM U stick, and a Nike Bauer one 90 (this is different from a one95, its a year older. the results showed that the Easton Stealth was the lightest followed by the one95. The reebok 12k came in last.

Who invented the Bauer total one nxg hockey stick?


What ice hockey sticks are the best?

Each stick has different results.. Every stick has different flexes which give you better shots. I personally would recommend Easton Stealths, Nike Bauer One 90, Nike Bauer Vapors, Warrior, or Rbk.. but any composite stick will work. Price range is a factor. and what level you play on..

What is the most expensive hockey stick on the market?

The Easton S19 while a good stick, is defiantly not the most expensive stick at $129. The most expensive sticks are the Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG and the Eston Stealth RS2.

How much is the easton s19 hockey stick?

around $350 in Canada

What is the best hockey stick for 12 year old?

easton eq50

Does a hockey stick bend more the higher the flex is?

No- the higher the flex number, the stiffer the stick is. Depending on the maker (Bauer, Easton, reebok) the numbers will vary but still follow the higher the number the stiffer the shaft is.

What is the most popular hockey stick?

Bauer- total one

What is the best hockey stick for snapshots?

The Nexus 1000 by Bauer

Where could you find a Bauer one95 mini hockey stick?

at aaa hockey tournaments

Can an s15 easton hockey blade fit in an s17 easton hockey stick?

yes as long as they are both the same size eg. junior, senior ect.

What is the best hitting hockey stick?

the best hocky stick is clearly the Bauer 1854875123463241931i2g34u213o4y1

What hockey stick does evgeni malkin use?

Nike Bauer Supreme One95 stick

Who supply synergy hockey stick?

The Easton company manufactures the synergy sticks