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Cascade. They are best for preventing concussions.

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Q: What kind of hockey helmet should I get?
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What kind of helmet does Carlos from BTR wear?

He wears a hockey helmet

What kind of paint do you use to airbrush a hockey helmet?

Who knows! :D

What physical activities should you wear a helmet?

Skateboarding Biking Hockey

Who wore the first hockey helmet?

Swedish Ice Hockey champion, Sven Tumba invented the first hockey helmet, called the SPAPS-helmet

Who makes the best hockey helmet?

Theres no best hockey helmet. Some of the better brands are Itech, RBK, Bauer.

What other items are similar to hockey?

the hockey stick, puck, helmet, equipment.

What sports do you wear a helmet?

Football, sometimes baseball and Hockey

What kind of padding do ice hockey officials wear?

they wear pads, knee pads, a helmet, and a batman suit under all of this.

Which NHL hockey player will be the first to wear warrior hockey helmet?

Zdeno Chara

What kind of helmet should a wide receiver wear?

One that protects it

Will an ITech hockey mask fit a Bauer helmet?

Yes and no, depending on what models you are using of each. If shopping at a local hockey pro shop, bring the helmet with you for comparison. Otherwise contact ITech and/or Bauer for further information. it probably should since Itech is a subdivision of Bauer

What equipment do you need for hockey?

In ice hockey you should have a helmet (with a face mask), mouthgard, neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, hockey gloves, hockey pants, shingaurds, and skates. You should also have hockey socks, garter belt (or something to hold up your socks), and a hockey jersey. Along with a hockey stick (FYI you should probably tape your stick with hockey tape.) Hope this was helpful to you.