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Q: What kind of ground is used for shooting?
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What are shooting sticks used for?

Shooting sticks are used for mostly rifles on firearms. To provide a rest and reduce the motion when shot. You put the shooting stick in the ground and lay on your stomach to shoot.

What was a blunderbuss used for?

It's an early kind of gun, so it was used for shooting

What kind of nut is used in dynamite?

Ground nut or peanut

Could NBA shooting bands improove your shooting?

No they do not. You just have to believe in your self and kind of have fun with your shooting.

What is name for a shooting star?

Shooting or falling stars are called, "Meteors". When they hit the ground, they are called "Meteorites".

What is Clay Shooting Games?

This is a kind of shooting games. World sporting UK provides clay shooting games

What word means variety practice ground shooting?


What is clay sporting?

Its a kind of shooting game

What are those natural water spouts shooting out of the ground called?


What kind of energy do they use in Ireland?

geothermicalenergy is greatly used, that being heat from the ground

In which game is shooting ball technique is used?

shooting ball=basketball

Where can you buy a used pair of isu shooting pants?

at a shooting store

What kind of firearms can you use for clay pigeon shooting?

Marksmen use a shotgun for clay pigeon shooting. All types of shotguns are used including single-shot, semi-automatic and pump. The type of shotgun used is really a personal preference.

What is a soldering gun used for?

Shooting solder at a special solder shooting range

Where can you go clay pigeon shooting?

To go clay pigeon shooting you can go to a Clay Pigeon Shooting grounds in London. Also College Farm Shooting Ground offers a high quality first class clay pigeon shooting experience in Buckinghamshire countryside setting.

Which term is used in rifle shooting?

Sorry- there are dozens of terms used in rifle shooting. Can you be a bit more specific?

What is needed to become a practise manager in a veterinary practise?

veriety practise ground for shooting

Is a player allowed to jump or leave the ground when shooting a free throw?

Yes, they are allowed to jump or leave the ground while shooting a free throw. But if they jump when they shoot and the tip of their shoe croses the line then the freethrow basket will not count.

What do you call shooting star fragments?

Shooting star fragments are known as meteoriods. If it burns up in the atmosphere it is known as a meteor and if it reaches the ground it is known as a meteorite.

What kind of arts are allowed in Iraq?

shooting and killing are the main ones

When is co-ordination is used in netball?

it is used when you are shooting the ball.

What muscles are used for shooting a basketball?

The muscles used for shooting a basketball are your biceps, triceps, ulna, and metacarpals. Those are just in the arm.

Was there pigeon shooting in the olympics?

Yes, there was pigeon shooting in 1900 but after 1900 they used clay targets.

What is a word meaning Variety practice ground for shooting?

one thing i am sure of you got to james an

What is gunmetal used for?

making guns for shooting