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Football, hockey i dont know doing this project for history! HELP

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Q: What kind of games in Georgia did they play?
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What games did they play in Georgia in 1732?

sorry! and chastise

What kind of games did the the walla walla tribe play?

they did not play games

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The Braves play their games in Atlanta, Georgia.

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In the Georgia Dome, the same place the Atlanta Falcons play. They usually play their home games on Friday night.

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What kind of sport do people play in Georgia?

The sports people play in Georgia are Football, Basketball, Rugby Union, Wrestling, and Weightlifting

What kind of games do they play?

Type your answer here... whatnd of games do they play?

What games did the children play in colonial Georgia?

they would play sports like we do just not competively as we do

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What kind of games did the settlers in Georgia colony wear?

They wear rags

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they play soccor and other games like our in the U.S

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Adventurous games

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Cricket, soccer. They play lots of chess. And sometimes they play video games.

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they played video games

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Georgia Tech

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What kind of question is this

What kind of games did the Indians play?


What kind of games can you play with dominoes?


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The kind of activities for games that the Pomo Indians did was play smoke tag and dance. They also would also play games that involved skipping rocks across the lake.

What kind of sports do they play in Georgia?

In Georgia, people play baseball, basketball and football. The teams are the Atlanta Braves, Georgia Bulldogs, Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta hawks. The Winnipeg Jets used to be the Atlanta Thrashers, but moved to winnipeg last year.

What kind of games did they play in the colony of Pennsylvania?

the kind of they played is marbles , palace