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they drink water that is flavored

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Q: What kind of foods do the dogs racing in the iditarod need to eat?
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What kind of dogs are used in the Iditarod?

they use mulmutes if they want speed and huskies

What kind of foods causes death in dogs?


How are the Iditarod dogs treated?

they are treated with lots of care and kindness or they would not be very healthy nor strong cause they have to be kind to the dogs to get them to eat........

What kind of foods did the people of catal Huyuk eat?

Hot Dogs

Which kind of foods do dogs prefer?

It depends on the dog, but most would likely prefer foods that are high in meat products. Personally, my dogs prefer Blue Buffalo.

Can dogs be allergic to a kind of treat?

Yes, dogs can be allergic to things. Just like people can have allergies to certain foods, plants or other things, so can dogs. It's definitely possible that dogs can be allergic to a kind of treat.

How animals are used?

Well,It depends on what kind of animal you get,dogs can be pets or hunting dogs,horses can be pets or racing animals,cats can be pets or hunting animals and so on!

What kind of dog do you need for the Iditarod?

Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes are two types of sled dogs. Source:

What kind of foods are traditional in Illinois?

Illinois is known for Chicago pan pizza, Chicago hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, and corn dogs.

After dog racing do they kill the dogs?

What kind of a question is this. These dogs are owned in much the same ways that trained horses are. No they do not kill the dogs after the races. Or they may "retire" them meaning, they find homes who would like to adopt them.

What kind racing might a competitor use trapeze in?


What kind of racing might a competitor use trapeze in?

Sailboat racing

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