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There are no feathers in a Golf ball.

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Q: What kind of feathers were used in early golf balls?
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What is the best kind of golf balls?

Titleist Pro V1

What kind of golf balls should you buy?

Dimpled golf balls because they fly farther than smooth ones. (I don't even know where to buy smooth ones). :P

What kind of golf equipment is recommended for a new golfer?

A new golfer is generally recommended to get steel shafted golf clubs, affordable golf balls and golf shoes. Golf gloves are a matter of preference and not required.

Do they sell golf balls that float?

Yes, they do sell floating golf balls. If you want to buy for your own, you can buy it from eBay online store. It ranges from $2.00-$5.00 depending on the color , the kind you want to have.

What is the future outlook for golf?

In the future, golf may experience upgrades in the kind of equipment used to play the game. People can expect to see advanced golf clubs, golf balls and new technology that studies a person's swing.

Name something you might buy for a golfer?

If you are not a golfer, avoid at all cost any kind of silly or goofy golf-theme gifts. These are useless and a waste of money. Unless you know the golfer and his unique needs, for example, what kind of golf ball does he play with, it's usually best to treat the golfer to a gift certificate from a good pro shop. You can't go wrong.

Is there a difference range golf balls and regulator golf balls?

Possibly. Many golf clubs and driving ranges use "limited flight" balls. This requires less space for the actual range itself. The "range ball" is designed in such a way (with shallower dimples) that prevents it from flying as far as a "standard" flight golf ball. Range balls also typically have a harder cover, making the ball more durable (but less forgiving and further decreasing its flight). Ask the pro at the club or an employee at the range, and they should be able to tell you what kind of ball is used (limited or regular flight).

What kind of feathers are located under contour feathers?


What kind of monogramming kit is needed to personalize golf balls with different fonts and three lines of text?

You can order golf balls now with personalization, a line of text or two professionally done, and is sometimes free. But you can buy a golf ball monogram kit, it prints a crappy letter or number on your ball in feint ink. You are best buying a couple of sharpies and making your ball truly unique.

Can you play a different kind of golf balls on different holes in the same round?

Yes, in amateur golf there is nothing stopping you. The only thing you cannot do is change ball midway through a hole. On the professional tours there is a one ball rule.

What kind of feathers do flamingos have?

Soft kind of feather.

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Down feathers.