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Tennis raquets & balls. Are you looking for brands?

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2010-04-17 03:12:09
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Q: What kind of equipment do tennis players use?
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What kind of training equipment do tennis players use?

Tennis players use various kinds of equipment while training. The most important of which would be the tennis racket which may be used with or without a leather grip.

What kind of hockey equipment do NHL players use?

They wear helmets, chest gaurds, skates.

Who uses tennis balls?

Tennis players use tennis balls during their match.

What equipment was use in table tennis?

The equipment that was (and still is) used in table tennis are a table tennis paddle/racket/bat, a table tennis table, a table tennis ball, clips to hold the net above the middle of the table, and a net.

What joints tennis players use?

you use you difibula fibia patella and metacarples

What kind of equipment do vets have to use?

what equipment do vets use

How can you use the word vied in a sentence?

Sixteen tennis players vied for that title.

What is machine used to shoot balls in tennis?

The machines tennis players use to shoot tennis balls are called tennis ball machines. Tennis players also call them ball machines, but a Google search for "ball machine" might bring up machines from different sports.

What brands and equipment models do professional ice hockey players use?

players have their own preferences

What kind of tennis balls do they use at Wimbledon?


How do you beat the new jersey devil?

it depends on the strategy you use what kind of players you have and what kind of players they have

What equipment do baseball players use?

baseball players need a ball, bat , socks, shoes, glove

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