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The answer to your question is not an easy one. Every tennis player keeps different gear in their tennis bag at all times.

A once-in-a-while player might only keep their racquet and tennis balls in their bag on a regular basis, but by the time they get to the court, there will also be a cell phone, car keys, a towel and a water bottle in their bag.

I weekend player may be a bit more prepared on a daily basis and might keep their racquet, tennis balls and their court shoes in their bag at all times, then when they head out to the court they will throw in a clean towel and a bottle of water (water is important when playing and it should always be found in a tennis bag).

Someone who plays often, but not daily might keep their tennis racquet, balls, shoes, a clean towel and some court clothes in their bag at all times. They will probably have a larger bag than just a 3-pack racquet bag to fit everything they keep in it and all of the gear they need when they get there.

The serious player will have more than five items in their bags, but assuming we accept that all of the above items are already counted for, lets look at the need for dampeners, a score keeper for times when the condition of the court is in question, extra socks, extra string, and an extra overgrip.

Another thing that is a good idea to keep in your tennis bag is a small first aid kit with some tape for your fingers and some antibacterial ointment for preventative care while out there on the court.

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Q: What are 5 things you would find in a tennis bag?
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babolel aero

What is the best type of Babolat tennis bags?

That depends a lot on your needs. The top of the line Babolat tennis bags include the Aero Racquet Holder, Team Racquet Holder and French Open Racquet Holder, all with a capacity of up to 12 racquets. There is also a Team Travel Bag with a handle and wheels best suited for travel. The best tennis bag for you, however, may or may not be any of these bags. If you are a recreational player, for example, you probably do not need a 12 racquet bag or a bag designed for travel. One thing many people do is find the bag that best fits their needs and maybe go a step up from that, so that as their skills improve, their bag still works for them.

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You should be able to bring tennis bags on most airlines, but you have to be careful about the size. Most airlines specify size limits that are a sum of the length, width and height of the bag. If your bag is 25" long, 12" high and 10" wide, that's a total of 47 inches. If the airline had a limit, this bag would have to be checked. You probably won't be able to carry on a 12 or 15 pack bag, but 6 packs should be OK. Always check with your airline and have a backup plan if they check your bag.

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