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Single cylinder 4 stroke. See link below for full 09 engine specs.

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Q: What kind of engine does a Honda CRF-80 dirt bike have?
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How much oil for 2009 Honda 80cc dirt bike?

how much engine oil goes in an 80cc dirt bike

Fastest dirt bike ever?

The fastest dirt bike ever was the Honda CrF450r. This bike had a four stroke engine liquid cooled that could produce 499cc.

Can you put a bigger engine inside of a crf80f Honda dirt bike?

Yes you can do this and it will increase the speed and power of the bike.

Who invent the first Honda dirt bike?


Can you put a Honda dirt bike carburetor on a Yamaha dirt bike?

yes we can use the Honda dirt carburator to the yamaha by some adjustment

Honda 1985 cr125 dirt bike diagram?

What diagram are you looking for ? engine,wiring,frame,?

What is louder a kawasaki or Honda dirt bike?

honda by far

Brand of dirt bike that starts with a h?

honda Husqvarna also makes a dirt bike!!!

Where does the carburetor hook in to 1986 Honda dirt bike?

it hooks on to the engine block and atteaches to the gas line

What is the fastest Honda dirt bike ever?


What manufacturer's dirt bike is red?


What color is Honda dirt bike?

They are red.

What was the first Dirt Bike ever made?

the first dirt-bike ever made was a honda. There were bike manufatures in Europe that were making dirt type bikes before Honda was even a company.

What was the original Honda dirt bike?

The first serious Honda dirt bike was the 'Elsinore', released in 1970. The bike later became available in a trail version. The SL125 was the first genuine trail bike released by Honda and was soon re-released with a 250cc engine. The SL's went on to become the XL range in 1973.

What are the shift patterns on a cr125 dirt bike?

what are the shift patterns on a Honda cr 125 dirt bike

What company made the first dirt bike?


What is a better dirt bike a Honda or a Yamaha?

honda is a better motorcross bike (250 and 450) and yamaha is a better trail bike

What is the biggest dirt bike ever made?

the Honda cr1150rAnswerthe Honda cr1150r

How fast is 100cc dirt bike?

It depends how the engine is tuned and if there are any extra carborators etc... my Honda crf100f goes 65 MPH, if you got a dirt bike that was meant for motocross it can go faster

What is a two stroke dirt bike?

It's a dirt bike that uses a 2-stroke engine.

What is the most powerful dirt bike?

The most powerful dirt bike is the Honda CRF 450,It's power is rediculous!

Why is a ktm dirt bike better than a Honda dirt bike?

They are quicker and more powerful and are like the Ferrari of the dirt bikes and are built for speed and racing and the Honda is like the Holden and Ford and is a basic dirt bike!

What is the best dirt-bike for dirt trails?

either a kawasaki ktm Yamaha Honda

Where is the oil drain bolt for Honda crf150r dift bike?

at the botom of the dirt bike

How can you figure out what year your cr85 Honda dirt-bike is?

it might say it under the bike