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Either the bishop or the knight.

I think the bishop.

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Q: What kind of chess piece is Ron riding when he gets knocked out?
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What chess piece is the lowest in value?

The queen is the most powerful piece in chess whereas the most important chess piece would be the king .

What is it called in Chess when a piece that is not the king gets captured?

Well you just capture it there's not a name for it.

In chess if one of you opponents pons gets to the other side does that player get you queen?

A pawn can be promoted to any piece other than King .

When was Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch created?

Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch was created on 2003-01-12.

How does king kill in chess?

The king can move one square in any direction. If it moves into a square that is occupied by another piece, it takes that piece only if the king is not endangered if it gets next to it in order to capture it.

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Chess if a pawn gets to the end of the chess board get you get a new queen if you already have one?

Once a pawn reaches the last rank the pawn can be promoted to any piece except the king . Yes , if you already have a queen the pawn can be promoted to another queen .

How does Waverly's family get a chess set?

Waverly's family gets a chess set as a gift from her brother's friend who won it in a chess tournament but didn't play chess himself.

Can a king draw a game of chess?

Yes, as long as the king gets to the enemy side of the chess board.

What episode of glee does artie get knocked out of his wheelchair?

Artie gets knocked out of his chair in Season two's episode, "Furt".

How many times can a queen move in chess each turn?

Once! Every piece gets to move only once per turn, and only one piece can move every turn, except in castling where the king and the rook move.

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