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Any type ; they mostly wear a simple messy bun with a strechy head band .

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Q: What kind of bun do volleyball players wear?
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How can you wear your hair in volleyball?

I'd just wear a ponytail or a messy bun with a headband, if you're going for a bit of a sporty edge. If you want to look pretty but tough, wear your hair down, or a low- side ponytail.

What kind of hairstyle do you wear with a sari?

a bun, wavy hair coming in front of your face. Hope it helps!!!

What kind of hair styles did medieval lady in waiting wear?

problly a bun or somthing to keep there hair up:)

What kind of hair-do did women in the 50's wear?

flat hair was a no along with the flip the bun was fashionable and so was the beehive

What is the thing that girls wear on the top of their hair that looks like a hill?

A bun? (Messy bun, Top bun)

What did a schoolmaster wear?

A dress with a bun

How do hip hop dancers wear their hair?

well, some put it in a ponytail,a messy bun, bun ,or even just let it out. You can wear your hair any how you like to wear it.

Can you wear a pony tail in the air force?

Yes. But they normally have a bun

What can I do with my hair it is shoulder length and the top layer will just about go in a ponytail. I dont just want it down or in a pony. Any Ideas?

You could wear it in a messy bun, half up with the top half in a balerina bun, or curl it and flip it out. You could wear it in a messy bun, half up with the top half in a balerina bun, or curl it and flip it out.

Is bun b a gd?

no !!!!! he say he wear his hat to da left ...... his words

How should you wear your curly hair to camp?

It's best to wear your curly hair in protective styles such as braids, twists, or a bun to prevent tangles and keep your hair manageable during outdoor activities at camp. Make sure to regularly moisturize and protect your hair from the sun and chlorine if swimming is involved. A satin scarf or bonnet at night can help maintain your curls and prevent frizz.

How should you do your hair for field day?

Depending on your hair length- Short: braids or ponytail then braid it Long: pony tail then braid it then put it in a bun, bun(sock bun, messy bun), or just regular braids