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a Trek Madone 6.9 SSL

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Q: What kind of bike does Lance Armstrong use?
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What kind of bike did Lance Armstrong use to win his final Tour de France?

A road bike

What brand of bicycles did Lance Armstrong use to race with?

Lance Armstrong uses Trek bicycles

How much does lance armstrong's bike weigh?

Bikes for use in UCI-regulated races have to weigh 6.8 kg or more. So it's a safe bet his bike was at a race-legal weight.

What brand of cycling gloves does Lance Armstrong use?

Lance Armstrong wears black fingerless Nike gloves when he is cycling. He endorses Nike and Livestrong.

Did Lance Armstrong ever use drugs during his races?


Which celebrities use steroids?

Most athletes use steroids like Lance Armstrong.

Did lance Armstrong cheat?

Yes. After years of denial, he eventually confessed to the use of banned performance enchancing products.

Why did Lance Armstrong start the 'Lance Armstrong foundation'?

To HELP others survive Cancer.This was a noble gesture by Lance Armstrong through his Livestrong foundation to help premote Cancer awareness and to unite people in the Fight Against cancerBeing a cancer survivor himself, he thought that he'd put his fame to some good use by starting a foudnation that would support other cancer victims.

Can you use the word interviewer in a sentence?

Lance Armstrong's conversation about his biking career will be aired today; the interviewer is Oprah Winfrey.

Did lance armstrong really cheat?

Yes. After years of denial, he eventually confessed to the use of banned performance enchancing products.

What kind of shampoo does Billy Joe Armstrong use?


Did lance armstrong win the tour de france from 1999-2005?

Yes. But he has been stripped of his titles due to his use of doping.

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