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since 1997, the Lance Armstrong Foundation has raised 14 million dollars for cancer research

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Glen Fahey

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2023-03-05 02:46:43
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Q: How much money has Lance Armstrong's foundation raised?
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How much money has the Lance Armstrong foundation raised?

since 1997, the Lance Armstrong Foundation has raised 14 million dollars for cancer research

How much money has the british heart foundation raised over the years?

Lots of money

What Organization has raised the most money for cancer research?

Jimmy V foundation for Cancer Research has raised the most money.....BY FAR

What percent of the money donated to the lance Armstrong foundation goes to operating costs?

don't worry about it

How much money has The Deanna Favre Hope Foundation Raised?

20000000000000000000000000000 dollars

What did Helen Keller do for the American Foundation for the Blind?

She served as a counselor and raised money for the AFB

What is the Nelson Mandela foundation?

it raised money for poor kids who couldn't afford to go to school

How much money has the terry fox foundation raised for cancer research so far?

550 million

What does the money raised from Movember go towards?

You can donate money to an individual, a team or to the Movember cause itself. Funds raised benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG. Movember raised $42 million worldwide in November 2009 for men's health

How much money has Tiger Woods donated to charity?

The exact amount is unknown but since 1996 his main charity, the Tiger Woods Foundation, has raised and dispersed more than $30 million to communities nationwide through grants, scholarships and the Tiger Woods Learning Center. Actually, the foundation distributes money that others have donated to the foundation--not Tiger Woods. So it is questionable whether Mr. Woods donates any of his own money to the foundation.

What contributions raised questions about how money was raised during a campaign?

soft money.

What does donations to the Kidney Foundation do?

When you make a donation to any charitable cause it is good to know how your money will be used. In the case of the National Kidney Foundation most of the funds raised will go towards education, patient assistance, research, and early detection.

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