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d-lee uses an old hickory

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Q: What kind of bat does derrek lee use?
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What kind of bat should you use to hit homers with?

THE one YOU can HOLD

What kind of bat did Jackie Robinson use?

a demarenie vendeta cat osterman and dobel wall bat

What kind of weapons did the Qin Dynasty use?

baseball bat

What kind of baseball bat does Hunter Pence use?


What kind of drum skins does Tommy lee use?

Tommy Lee uses Remo pro skins on his drums :)

How does the -10 on a softball bat reflect on hitting?

Kind of . Not necessarily . That number is the difference between the length of the bat and the weight . the larger the number, the faster the bat may be swung. I prefer to use a -11 personally . It's great bat speed.

What kind of bat does David Ross use?

David Ross is a catcher for the Boston Red Sox. He uses a Rawlings Flame Tempered ash bat, and practices with a Marucci Maple.

What kind of gun did bat masterson use?

The legendary hero of the Old West Bat Masterson used a Colt .34 revolver. He was a celebrated lawman in Dodge City, Kansas.

What can you use a baseball bat for?

You use a base ball bat for hitting

What kind of bat does lance berkman use?

According to the Louisville SLugger Website, Lance used their bat with the Huston Astros. Although it does not mention if he continued to use it when playing with the Yankees or Cardinals.

Do you have to use a -3 bat in middle school?

Mo but you have to use a -3 bat in highschool

How many legs does a fruit bat have?

no clue only it reealy dosent use its teeth it only uses them for bitting not chuing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!